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The metal industry consistently suffers from wastewater coking. Metallurgical coke is formed during the metal ore processing in the primary metal industries. This metallurgical coke is formed due to the heating and curing of metal ores at high temperatures. Hot metal is quenched in water during the metal bars or transportable metal production. This leads to the formation of coking wastewater on a large scale. However, the metal industry suffers from a lack of fresh water and stringent regulations against the disposal of coking wastewater. Water treatment in metal processing industries is essential to overcome these challenges. The wastewater treatment for coking wastewater requires multiple filtrations and water treatment resources. Cannon Water Technology, Inc offers a range of filtration and wastewater treatment solutions for the metal industry.

Water Treatment Solutions for Metal Industry by Cannon Water Technology, Inc.

Coking wastewater consists of various contaminants, and these contaminants can cause corrosion, arsenic water, etc. Cannon Water Technology, Inc has solutions for every water treatment need during and after the metal refining and manufacturing process. The following are the products we offer under our wastewater treatment solutions for the metal industry.

  • Water Filters: Filtration is inevitable when it comes to wastewater treatments. Coking wastewater treatment is no exception to the need for filtration. Coking water consists of metallurgical slurry, quenched metal chips, etc. To remove such impurities, we offer different types of water filters.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Quenching is one of the key activities performed during metal refining and manufacturing. In this process, the metal ores come directly in contact with water which potentially triggers corrosion. Thus, corrosion inhibitors are added to water to prevent corrosion of manufactured components. Corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that prevent oxidation on the surface of metal components. Corrosion inhibitors can also be added to water used for rinsing boiler systems, cooling towers, ducts, etc to prevent scaling of the equipment walls.
  • Demulsifiers: Metal industries deal with several machines that require lubrication. Also, oil quenching or chemical quenching are the processes performed during metal processing. During these processes, lubricating oil mixes with water which needs to be removed during the wastewater treatment. Demulsifiers, also known as emulsion breakers, are chemicals used to separate water and oil during wastewater treatment.
  • Chemical Test Kits: We offer chemical test kits for water treatment in the steel manufacturing industry which allows testing water before treatment. It is essential to check for the type of contamination in water. Our chemical test kits offer various chemical testing solutions to identify contaminants like lead, iron, etc.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters: Reverse osmosis is an effective technique of water purification. We offer reverse osmosis setups to remove chemical and dissolved contaminants during wastewater treatments.
  • Backwash Filtration Systems: Metal and oil contamination often clogs the filtration media. We provide backwash filtration systems to prevent clogging and promote continuous filtration of cocking wastewater. In this type of filtration system, clean water is reversed to flow through the filtration media which rejuvenates the filtration capabilities of the filtration media.
  • Iron and Rust Reduction: Iron and rust are common problems associated with coking wastewater in metal refining and manufacturing processes. That is why we offer iron and rust reduction solutions which include water sampling, water sanitization, etc to prevent rusting.

Benefits of Water Treatment Solutions for Metal Industry

Cannon Water Technology, Inc is a highly reputed water treatment solutions provider. However, the following qualities of our water treatment solutions for metals industry make our solutions stand out as one of the best choices for sourcing coking wastewater treatment resources.

  • Adopting our wastewater treatment in steel industry helps in reducing limitations posed by stringent regulations under Clean Water Act. The level of contamination and toxicity can be reduced to a great extent by treating the wastewater with our recommended solutions.
  • All the products offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc are sourced from highly reliable brands. This ensures the quality and efficiency of our water treatment for metals industry solutions.
  • Our water treatment solutions for the metal industry are result-centric, therefore, the products can be chosen collectively or individually based on requirements.

We acknowledge the need for the selection of appropriate wastewater treatment solutions for the metal industry. This is why our experts guide our clients in the selection process. In case you have any queries about our wastewater treatment solutions, please feel free to contact our team today.