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Clean water is a necessity for automotive plants just like any other industry. Automotive industries feature several manufacturing processes that require clean water. However, the costs of acquiring and utilizing fresh water in the automotive industry are massive. Freshwater is primarily used in manufacturing processes like casting, forging, mold making, etc. However, secondary applications like equipment washing, cleaning, etc can be done with recycled water. Today, various automotive plant water treatment solutions are installed to minimize the wastage of water and ensure the efficient reuse of water. Since water treatment in the automotive industry may involve dealing with coking water, metal contamination, etc. For such difficult water treatments, Cannon Water Technology, Inc offers automotive plant water treatment solutions.

Water Treatment Solutions for Transportation Industry by Cannon Water Technology, Inc

The transportation or automotive industries deal with oils, lubricants, metals, chemicals, and exhaust fumes. An effective transportation industry wastewater treatment focuses on dealing with these contaminants. We offer the following solutions that help remove these contaminants to a large extent.

  • Demulsifiers: Wastewater from transportation consists of oil particles’ layer on it. However, water with oil cannot be used directly and neither the oil can be filtered from water with 100% efficiency. That is why we offer demulsifiers. They are also called emulsion breakers. These chemical solutions from Cannon Water Technology, Inc, a separate layer of oil from the water so that it can be removed from the water. This is a highly effective solution for the removal of lubricants and oil from the wastewater from automotive plants.
  • Chemical Test Kits: Wastewater from transportation industry is exposed to exhaust gases, thus the chances of having dissolved carbon, NOx, etc in the water are high. This type of water neither can be disposed nor reused. That is why prior to the treatment, our chemical test kits can be used to check the type of contamination, redox action, and toxicity of the wastewater.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Corrosion is one of the most challenges faced in automotive plants. Wastewater may comprise iron contaminants from earlier manufacturing processes. Using this water for washing equipment, or cleaning can only increase the risk of rusting and eventual failure. That is why we offer corrosion inhibitor chemicals. These chemicals are added to water before recycling as they reduce the corroding potential of the equipment.
  • Iron and Rust Reduction Chemicals: We offer a complete solution for iron and rust reduction from the water. This includes water softening agents, sanitization chemicals, etc which reduces the quantity of iron from water.

Benefits of Water Treatment Solutions for Transportation Industry

Cannon Water Technology, Inc is a highly reputed provider of water treatment solutions for the transportation industry. Our clients have derived immense benefits from it.

  • Almost 50-60% of the cost and demand of fresh water can be reduced effectively by using Cannon Water Technology, Inc’s effective automotive plant water treatment solutions.
  • We offer collective and individual solutions. Therefore, our experts can suggest complete wastewater treatment solutions for optimum results or problem-centric suggestions in terms of selective products.
  • Regardless of the purpose, disposal, or recycling, our solutions are highly effective. Adopting our automotive plant water treatment solutions can help in the reduction of toxicity in water which will allow the disposal of water in compliance with the Clean Water Act.
  • All our products are either manufactured by Cannon Water Technology, Inc or are sourced from high-end brands like Stenner, Lakos, etc, which helps us ensure the quality of these devices.

We understand the need for an appropriate selection of products for water treatment in automotive manufacturing plants, hence we offer experts advice and customer support. Please feel free to contact us to know more about our products and services.