Trojan UVMax Residential Disinfection System

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Water drawn from streams and other water sources may be contaminated with microbes and invisible matter. Microbial contamination has been a big concern for water users across the world. Various techniques are used for treating microbial contamination and UV disinfection has emerged as one of the effective techniques among them. This disinfection is performed using UV disinfection systems which use UV light to disinfect microbes.  At Cannon Water, we stock Trojan VIQUA UV Max Residential Systems, one of the world’s most trusted and recognized brands of residential UV systems. These systems are available in various flow capacities to meet your sanitation requirements.

An Overview of UV Disinfection System

The UV disinfection system utilizes UV light of wavelength 253.7 nanometers. This wavelength is known to have a destructive effect on viruses, bacteria, algae, molds, and other microorganisms, which are known to multiply quicker. The UV wavelength is known to penetrate deeply into the microorganisms’ DNA and ruptures their cell structure and inhibits their food and drink intake, thereby disinfecting them completely.

Features of Trojan UV MAX Residential Systems Offered by Cannon Water

UV water filtration is one of the popular water sanitization techniques, which is why it is quite common to find many systems or equipment built on this technology. However, Trojan UV Max systems stand out due to the following features.

  • The residential UV water treatment system is equipped with high-performance UV lamp, which is tested to provide consistent output for over 9000 hours.
  • This consistent current feature assures stable UV lamp output, irrespective of power fluctuations.
  • These systems require no additional setup and can be easily mounted on a heavy duty steel bracket for a simple installation.
  • The high UV output lamp technology of the system enables a small footprint.
  • The UV water filtration system is equipped with a countdown timer and audible lamp replacement reminder. The light indicator shows the component status. You can make out the system maintenance by looking at the warning lights.
  • These residential systems are ideal for a wide range of point-of-entry and whole home treatment solutions in cottages, homes, and OEM applications.

Why Choose Ultraviolet Water Filtration for Home?

Trojan UV MAX Residential systems are the best choice for water filtration for the following reasons.

  • These systems are fitted with UV lamps, which are known to produce UV light – a natural source of sanitization.
  • UV filtration is a complete process by itself, which means no chemicals are used with these systems. No chemical byproducts are produced during the process.
  • UV sterilization systems are known to have a profound effect on microorganisms. Trojan UV MAX Residential systems are validated through microbial testing to inactivate microorganisms such as E.Coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Fecal Coliform.
  • Easy installation, maintenance, and low operating costs make this system ideal for residential and light commercial applications.

At Cannon Water, we are passionate about water treatment and water treatment technologies. Since its inception, our only aim and goal of the business have been helping clients to gain access to clean drinking water. Our commitment to meeting this goal has helped us design, devise, develop, and implement some of the best water treatment solutions. We take care to include only proven and trusted products in our inventory. Each category is carefully curated to include only the best products. Our experts are always eager to help clients choose the right product for their application. Feel free to contact our team today for any queries on residential UV disinfection systems or other water filtration and sanitization systems offered. Our experts would be happy to help you.