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Purified water is one of the key requirements in power plants, irrespective of whether they are powered by fossil fuels or electricity. This purified water helps improve the equipment life, reduces chances of corrosion, and assures lasting performance. As the power plants are growing integrated, their water needs are increasing, too. These power producers are always looking for solutions that help them reduce their dependency on freshwater, supports internal water reuse, and maximizes their efficiency in wastewater treatment. Cannon Water Technology, Inc. provides water treatment solutions for power producers. We provide several effective solutions developed by our water treatment specialists as well as sourced from several industry-leading brands. These solutions have been developed keeping the water treatment requirements of power producers such as nuclear power plants, cooling towers, and fossil power plants in mind.

Types of Water Treatment Solutions for Power Generation Industry Offered by Cannon Water Technologies

Our solutions for water treatment for power generation industry is designed to assure effective results and long-term performance. These solutions have gained immense popularity in recent years, owing to their specific applications.  

  • Reverse Osmosis: This is one of the most popular water purification techniques around. In this, the water is made to pass through a semi-permeable membrane, where contaminants like microbes are retained. The membrane features fine small holes that can easily retain large particles from flowing out. We provide RO filters from DOW Filmtec, Watts, and MyronL.
  • Ultrafiltration: Many processes in the power generation industry require highly purified water. We provide ultrafiltration devices like activated charcoal filters and carbon filters for this purpose. In this technique, a membrane barrier is used to retain colloids, microorganisms, and other fine impurities, which are otherwise difficult to remove.
  • Filtration Systems: Centrifugal separators and cartridge filters are widely used in the power generation industry for separating impurities from water. Of these, the centrifugal separators are eco-friendly, as they use centrifugal force to separate contaminants of high density from water. These filtration systems assure effective recycling of water and have helped our clients in the power generation industry to reduce their water consumption by a large percentage. Cartridge filters are simple filters, which are positioned in the housing and used to remove chemicals and particles from water. The cartridges are made of different materials.
  • Emulsion Breakers: Wastewater treatment has been one of the key concerns for power producers across the world. This is because wastewater release to the environment is bound by strict regulations. To meet the requirements, the businesses need to invest in effective wastewater treatment solutions. At Cannon Water, we provide emulsion breakers for wastewater treatment. These emulsion breakers help separate oil particles from water. As said before, water is extensively used in the power generation industry for various manufacturing processes. These processes produce wastewater, which needs to be filtered for harmful contaminants before releasing into the environment.

Applications of Water Treatment Solutions for Power Generation Industry

Cannon Water Technologies water treatment solutions for power generation industry are designed keeping the performance requirements and compliance in mind. These solutions assure long term performance, as well as cost effectiveness. The following are some popular applications of these solutions in the water treatment industry.

We believe our commitment to quality and utmost customer satisfaction has worked in our favor all these years and made us one of the most popular water treatment experts in the US and across the globe. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about each of the power industry water treatment solutions discussed here. Our experts would be happy to help you with the right selection.