Pipe, Valves, and Fittings

A pipe valve is fitted at the beginning or the end of the pipe in a water system. A piping valve works by co-stopping, starting, mixing, or regulating the flow or pressure of a fluid. In contrast, a fitting is a connector available in various sizes and shapes for connecting the valves to the pipes. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer standardized pipe valves with sized fittings made with high precision and accuracy. Most of the pipe valves we offer are manufactured by us, and some of them are sourced from the top brand manufacturers like ASCO, BELIMO, Sea Metrics, and so on.

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Different Types of Pipe Valves Offered by Cannon Water Technology

We currently offer the following types of pipe valves to meet your application requirements.

  • Pressure Relief ValvesThese valves are used as a safety device to protect a pressurized vessel in the event of overpressure. We provide ECO Valves with flanged connections, threaded connections, and union-style connections. 
  • Motorized Ball ValvesThese valves use electric motors to open or close. Motorized ball valves are suited for remote fluid applications or large valve types. We provide our own motorized ball valves as well as ball valve models from Lakos.  
  • Solenoid Valves:  These valves are used to release, shut off, mix or distribute fluids. Solenoid valves are used in applications where fluid flow needs to be automatically controlled. They are used in various types of equipment and plants. Our selection features solenoid valves designed by our team as well as ASCO. You can choose ASCO motorized valves, automatic drain solenoid valves, and brass motorized ball valves.

How to choose the right pipe valve and fittings for your application?

Various types of pipe valves and fittings are used in process industries to control fluid transfer and prevent backflow challenges. Each valve is designed for a specific purpose. Our selection features several pipe valves and fittings, which have been tested and proven in the service industry. Our experts will help you with the selection of the suitable pipe valve. You can also try it on your own by following the below-given tips.

  • The valves and fittings can be made of metal and plastic. Copper, stainless steel, CPVC, and PVC are a few common materials used for making the valves. When deciding upon the material, ensure to address the type of fluid these pipes and fittings will come in touch with. The fluid can be of any type, including crude oil, acids, H2S, water, and so on. If you are working with corrosive chemicals, you must use corrosion-resistant metal materials.
  • Choose the pipe valve and fitting according to the temperature and pressure demanded by your fluid or gas-based applications.
  • Considering the type of tubing or pipe used is an essential factor. Hence, check for the valve and fittings that will go best with your tubes or pipes.

Cannon Water Technology provides various types of pipe valves and fittings for water or vapor-based applications. We understand the importance of using the best quality products in process industries. However, the outcomes of these industries largely depend on the type of equipment used. This is why we always strive to serve you the best quality products. Feel free to contact us today to discuss the type of pipe valves and fittings you are looking for in your applications. Our experts will answer your queries and help you choose the right product for your needs.