Flow Meters & Fittings

A flow meter is an instrument used to measure the flow of liquid or gas running through a pipe. The device is used to measure the volumetric, linear, non-linear, and mass flow rates of gases or liquids. These flow measurement devices are widely used in the water and wastewater industries for flow measurement. They help maintain the quality of the process. At Cannon Water technology, we ensure to deliver you flow meter accessories and fittings for industrial applications. We provide quality flow meters to various industries. Additionally, we understand the importance of these devices, which is why we have taken care to source these devices from leading brands like SeaMetrics, Blue-White, Pyxis, Stenner, and so on.

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  • Carlon CAR-LOGGER Flow Meter Display and Datalogger


    Carlon Car-Logger Real Time Flow Meter Display and Datalogger

    $836.00 - $946.00
    The Carlon CAR-LOGGER, offer real time display of flow meter data. The flow information is collected from any Carlon JSJ or Cold Water Tubine series meter, when equipped with our optical coupler, and  other contacting meters dependent on the dry...
    $836.00 - $946.00

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    Carlon Digital Pulse Counter A31UR

    Carlon’s Universal Remote, A31UR, provides a remote readout of the number of pulse contacts coming from an electric contacting water meter. The A31UR comes in a NEMA-4 box and a UV protected LCD display that can be exposed to the sun. The complete...

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  • Carlon Ultrasonic Flow Meter


    Carlon Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    $754.00 - $2,748.00
    CARLON METER Ultrasonic Flowmeter USM The Ultrasonic Metr Series (USM) has a wide temperature range with a high degree of accuracy. The remotely mounted reguister displays total volume and momentary "Real Time" flow. The USM Series provides a selectable...
    $754.00 - $2,748.00

Types of Flow meters Offered by Cannon Water Technology

At Cannon Water, we stock the following types of flow meters.

  • Displacement Flow MetersDisplacement flow meters or positive displacement flow meters feature internal components, which get locked based on the liquid volume flowing through them. These devices can measure low flow rates, intermittent flow rates, and liquids of different velocities. They assure precision, which is why these flow meters are preferred in applications where high accuracy is required.
  • Insertion Flow Meters: Flow meters are electromagnetic flow meters used for measuring the flow of conductive liquid. This flow meter measures the flow of the liquid at any strategic point and uses this measurement to know the average flow of the pipe. The most beneficial part of installing insertion flow meters is that they can be used in either existing pipelines or can be installed in alternative pipes of full-bore meters.
  • Multi Jet Flow Meters: These flow meters feature an internal chamber surrounded by multiple ports that produce multiple jets of fluid against the impeller. In these flow meters, the rotation speed depends upon the velocity of fluid flow.
  • Lead-Free Water Meters: These meters are made of brass alloy and are ideal for potable water applications. They feature no leaded parts. The construction of a lead-free water meter is done using corrosion-resistant material, and therefore, they provide long-term service and reliability.
  • Magnetic Flow Meters: These flow meters are also known as mag meters and feature electrodes that can measure the fluid velocity in pipes or tubes. The devices use a magnetic field produced by electrodes to detect the flow of liquid flowing through the system. Magnetic flow meters are used in wastewater applications where toxic, dirty, and conductive liquids may be present. These magnetic flow meters possess no moving parts, which makes them suited for measuring fluid flow in high-pressure environments.
  • Paddlewheel Flow Meters: These flow meters feature paddlewheel and are used to measure the velocity of fluids such as liquids, water, and chemicals in pipes. The paddlewheels are driven by the mechanical energy of the flowing fluid. The shaft rotation of the paddlewheel produces a pulse, which is interpreted by the sensor or transmitter to determine the fluid flow. The paddlewheel movement increases with the fluid movement. Our selection features LORRIC paddlewheel flow meter with AxelSense Technology and SeaMetrics paddlewheel flow meters.
  • Variable Area Flow Meters: These flow meters operate at pressure drop to measure the flow of gases, steam, and liquids in industrial facilities. Variable area flow meters consist of float and tube and their operation is based on the principle of variable area. The float in the tapered tube of the flow meter rises with the flow of the liquid. The float will be raised higher if the flow is high. We stock variable area flow meters from the brand Blue-White. These flow meters have been successfully employed in various harsh operating environments across industrial facilities in the US.
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters: An ultrasonic flow meter is a device that utilizes ultrasound to calculate the volume flow of fluids. Ultrasonic flow meters work well when they are used in fluids that feature minute particles or bubbles. They may not provide the best results when used in drinking water or distilled water. We stock ultrasonic flow meters from Blue White. These flow meters have been successfully used to measure the liquid velocity of fluids like cryogenic liquids, molten sulfur, and chemicals.

5 Most Important Tips for Choosing an Accurate Flow Meter

Flow meters are used for measuring flow in industrial applications. Hence, it is important to choose a flow meter wisely. Following are some tips that will guide you in choosing an accurate flow meter for your industrial or commercial applications:

  1. Fluid Type: There are different types of flow meters used for a particular fluid type. The fluid is generally broken into four categories – liquid, gas, vapor, and slurry. Each of these fluids has unique characteristics. Their properties, such as temperature, fluid density, viscosity, and corrosiveness, must be determined. 
  2. Pressure Management: The pressure of the fluid will depend on the density of the liquid. The flow meter measures pressure and density and utilizes the data to calculate the flow rate. 
  3. Operating Environment: The operating environment of the application is an important requirement for choosing the flow meter. The environment can be hazardous or standard, depending on the type of industry. Ensure the parts of the flow meter are made from metals that can withstand corrosive environments.  
  4. Measurement Accuracy: Many industrial applications are based on accurate flow readings. For example, if you are choosing a flow meter for an industrial application that demands high accuracy, then the positive displacement flow meter can be the best choice. Most applications in the food and medical industry require this type of flow meter.  
  5. Location and System Configuration: The flow meter's location is a major consideration. Will the flow meter be installed outdoors or in a controlled environment? Is the size of the device an important consideration? Many flow meters require pipe before and after the meter. Ensure to add 10X pipe lengths on both sides of the meter for appropriate functioning.

Applications of Flow Meters

Flow meters differ in terms of design and utility. Each flow meter available with us serves the same purpose with slight differences across applications. We have been regularly providing flow meters to our clients for the following applications:

  • Chemical Additives
  • Water
  • Groundwater
  • Primary sludge
  • Effluents
  • Waste and return activated sludge

We have been at the forefront of water and wastewater treatment technologies for several years now. However, we haven’t limited ourselves to these industries. As a result, we had the privilege to serve some of the big players across the following industries:

  • Oil and gas
  • Power
  • Food and beverage
  • Metals and mining
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metals and mining
  • Pulp and paper

We completely understand the value of your applications. We know how important it is to get a perfect flow reading without any discrepancies. Therefore, we ensure to deliver you the best quality flow meters. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide different types of flow meters for your industrial or commercial applications. We source these flow measuring devices from reputed and trusted manufacturers, ensuring the quality you can rely on. If you have any queries regarding any of our flow meters, then please feel free to get in touch with us today.