Process Water Treatment

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Water is an integral component in various industrial manufacturing processes and this water is often referred to as process water. The water used for these processes is derived from groundwater or municipal water supplies and is known as process water. They contain minerals and other contaminants, which if allowed to remain, may disrupt the manufacturing operations in many ways. Hard and contaminated water may affect manufacturing quality and damage equipment. Cannon Water Technology has helped several clients in the manufacturing industry to solve process water-related problems. Our team works closely with clients to design custom water treatment solutions that mitigate several process water problems.

Types of Process Water Treatment Solutions Offered by Cannon Water Technologies

Be it process water or wastewater released during many manufacturing processes, both need to be treated. Many processes require fresh water for production, which ultimately increases energy costs. There are certain processes, which may not require fresh water.  Our process water treatment solutions help recycle and reuse water, and save on energy costs and achieve production efficiencies. The industrial wastewater treatment process helps meet regulatory requirements and produce water for reuse. The following process water treatment solutions offered by us have gained popularity owing to the efficiencies they assure.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO): The water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane with all force. It helps remove up to 98% dissolved components. Reverse osmosis is one of the most popular pre-filtration techniques as it can remove large particulates easily. Our collection features reverse osmosis systems from industry-leading brands such as Myron L, Watts, and DOW Filmtec. All our RO systems require minimal maintenance if feed water is treated upstream.
  • Ultrafiltration: This is another pre-filtration technique employed by many of our clients in the manufacturing industry. Generally, this technique is used upstream before RO to minimize water’s silt density. Our collection features activated carbon and charcoal filters. These filters enable the removal of impurities and contaminants through the process of chemical adsorption.
  • Cartridge Filters and Centrifugal Separators: Our cartridge filters are used for process water treatment as well as industrial wastewater treatment process. They help eliminate contaminants as well as particulates present in water. In these systems, filters are placed inside housings and they help remove small and large particulates from water. The cartridges in these filters can be easily replaced, which makes them a user-friendly filtration choice. Centrifugal separators use centrifugal action to separate contaminants from water. They make an eco-friendly choice for filtration systems.
  • Emulsion Breakers: The process of wastewater treatment is one of the most complex ones in the manufacturing industry. It may involve several processes. Lubricants and oils are widely used in this industry during various processes. As a result, oil particles get mixed with water and form an immiscible layer over it. This layer can be removed using emulsion breakers, which are typical chemicals added to the water. The wastewater that is treated with emulsion breakers is also known to retain certain viscosity.

Get in touch with our team at Cannon Water Technology to discuss your requirements for water and wastewater treatment solutions. Our experts will help you choose the right solutions for your application requirements.