Biocide Tower Treatment

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Cooling towers are an integral part of various industries which use water to cool their equipment or plants. Therefore, implementing a water treatment program is necessary to ensure their lasting performance. There are multiple types of water cleaning chemicals used for cleaning cooling towers and other water treatment plants. Biocide is one of the chemicals used for cleaning cooling towers. These chemicals feature components that help in preventing microbiological contamination in water. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer high-quality biocide chemicals for water treatment plants. These chemicals inhibit microbial growth in water systems and help avoid fouling. All cooling tower biocide treatment chemicals listed here are sourced from trusted brands.

How do Cooling Tower Biocide Chemicals work?

Cooling tower biocide chemicals work in two ways:

  • Oxidizing Biocides: Oxidizing biocides contain oxidizing agents like chlorine and kill microbes through the electrochemical oxidation process. The chlorine attracts electrons in microbes and kills them to prevent excessive growth. Continuous doses of oxidized biocides block the growth of planktonic bacteria and keep the water clean.
  • Non-oxidizing Biocides: Non-oxidizing biocide chemicals perform various non-oxidation processes for killing harmful bacteria. These processes include stopping respiration, interfering with reproduction, and so on. High microbiological contamination can be effectively treated with the help of non-oxidizing biocides. There are various types of non-oxidizing biocides like isothiazolinone, glutaraldehyde, quaternary amines, DBNPA, and so on. A variety of non-oxidizing biocide agents can be chosen depending upon the pH, fungus, algae, toxicity, biodegradability, and other factors of a cooling water system.

Benefits of Using Our Biocides in Cooling Tower Treatment

Our biocides have been used in cooling tower treatment for several years now. The following features of these chemicals make them popular.

  • Cooling tower biocide chemicals inhibit the growth of microbes in many ways, including blocking reproduction. 
  • They eradicate legionella, which is a very harmful bacterium.
  • Our cooling tower biocide treatment chemicals help in maintaining the hygiene in cooling towers and other industrial water bodies.
  • Along with eliminating harmful micro-organisms, biocide also inhibits corrosion in cooling towers.

When it comes to water treatment solutions, Cannon Water Technology is always a step ahead. In addition to cooling tower biocide water treatment chemicals, we offer many types of water treatment chemicals and equipment. These water treatment chemicals have been included after much consideration. They have been chosen following industry trends. If you have any queries regarding our biocide chemicals or other products, please feel free to contact us. We will assist you in the best manner we can.