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Myron L 3/4" Heavy Duty, BNC Terminated O94FBPE ORP Sensors for 900 Series Multi-Parameter Monitor / Controllers

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The Myron L® Company O94FBPE ORP sensor is designed to connect to the BNC input of the Myron L® Company’s 900 Series MultiParameter Monitor / Controller.

Double-Junction Reference design means the sensor can withstand poisoning in more demanding applications. Because the external junction is made from polyethylene the O94FBPE is perfect for harsher industrial environments where contamination of the junction is a concern.

The O94FBPE sensor uses a flat tip design that stays cleaner and resists damage better than the classic tip design when exposed to abrasive and/or oily solutions. It is an excellent choice for more demanding applications, such as wastewater management, or when measuring the ORP of non-aqueous solutions.


  • Heavy duty, flat-tip sensor design resists fouling and abrasion.
  • Sensor area is completely sealed to eliminate leaks1.
  • Sensor body made from Ryton® for excellent temperature and chemical durability.
  • Platinum ORP Electrode

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