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BD200 Biomass Dispersant

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BD200 Cooling Tower Biomass Dispersant ECO-Green Series

Safe - Helps Clean Cooling Towers On Line - Reduces Biocide Use

Product Description

  • Super concentrated: 5.0 - 30 ounces treats 1000 gallons of cooling tower water.
  • Penetrates and lifts biomass, slime and dirt from cooling tower and pipe surfaces.
  • Reduces corrosion by cleaning biofilms that can create localized corrosion cells.
  • Helps deprive organisms of food by preventing nutrient rich biomass from forming and accumulating.
  • Reduces the amount of biocide needed to kill organisms by helping flush the organisms into the main cooling tower water where biocides can contact and destroy them.
  • Aids scale control by keeping surfaces clean and making it more difficult for calcium to form crystals on the interior surfaces of the cooling towers, pipes and heat exchangers.
  • Disperses iron oxide rust and dirt.
  • Reducing biomass deposits can deprive Legionella pneumophila bacteria of an environment to thrive.

 BD200 Application Rate and Control Parameters

  • BD200 should be fed at a rate of 5.0 - 30 liquid ounces per 1000 gallons of water 1 -3 times per week to keep clean surfaces clean. 
  • For best results, physically clean the cooling tower noticeably dirty.
  • For systems that foul easily or are exposed to higher levels of dirt and contaminants, double the amount of BD200 and feed 2-3 times per week.
  • BD200 is intended to be used in conjunction with EPA registered biocides for best results.  
  • BD200 can be fed 30-minutes to 1-hour prior to feeding a biocide to help disperse micro-organisms into the bulk cooling tower water to enhance kill.
  • BD200 can clean heavily fouled systems; care needs to be taken not to plug screens, small lines and heat exchangers.
  • BD200 can be shipped UPS in small containers.

 Physical Properties: BD200






Slight Aromatic





Specific Gravity:


Freeze Point:

Approximately 32° F

Freeze/Thaw Recovery:


Ship Class:

Non-Regulated Materials







 HMIS Code




Refer to the SDS for further health, safety and environmental information regarding this product. Information and recommendations in this bulletin are based on information believed to be reliable. However, the use of the product is beyond the control of Cannon Water Technology Inc. and no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made as to the effects of such the results to be obtained if not used in accordance with directions or established safe practice. The buyer must assume all responsibility, including injury or damage, resulting from misuse of the product as such, or in combination with other material.

Cooling Tower Cleaner/Biocide Helper. As low as 5.0 ounces treats 1000 gallons of water. Lowest cost per container Biomass Dispersant. Safe, Earth Friendly, Cleans Cooling Towers

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