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Beta DR-2000 Time Based Dosing System

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Weight: 6.00 LBS
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The Beta Seko DR-2000 is a time-activated, water-resistant peristaltic pump for dosing chemicals in industrial applications. 
  • Up to 24 events can be programmed on a digital 7-day  clock.
  • Each with a unique run time from 1 second to 20 minutes.
  • 100 RPM, 5 oz per minute dosing rate. 
  • Programming is  done from the front of the unit using the 5-key keypad and display screen. 
  • 115 VAC, 230 VAC and DC-battery-powered versions are available.
Each unit includes installation kit 1202593 with 25 ft. of 1/4-inch tubing, tube guide, clamps and mounting hardware. Note that batteries are not included with D-cell battery units.

Typical Applications:
  • Drain Maintenance
  • Cooling Tower Biocide Feed
  • Pool and Spa
  • Aquarium Dosing
  • Pond Treatment
  • Low level lance
  • Audible alarm
  • Injection fittings
  • Foot valve

Timed based dosing pump models:
Beta DR-2000 1202356 115 VAC, Silicone Tube
Beta DR-2000 1202507 115 VAC, Viton Tube
Beta DR-2000 1202359 230 VAC, Silicone Tube
Beta DR-2000 1202511 D-Cell Battery, Viton Tube
Beta DR-2000 1202354 D-Cell Battery, Silicone Tube
Optional tubes are available depending on chemical resistance or output requirements.
Call for assistance with alternative tube choices. 

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