Battery Powered Level Sensor Makes Tank Level Monitoring Easy

Posted by David Cannon on 18th Jan 2017

When it comes to monitoring the water level in small tanks most systems are very complicated, expensive and hard to install. 

The Aquatel line of Battery Powered Level Sensors seeks to solve all of these issues. 

Two systems are available from Aquatel. 

  1. D110 System: Monitors up to six tanks simultaneously
  2. M107-BT will monitor one tank and wirelessly control a relay used to start and stop your well pump, valve or any other powered device. 

Each system is composed of a wireless tank level sensor and a wireless display unit. The display will show you the percentage of water in the tank and provide other information like temperature, pump status and alarms that may be present. 

Never run out of water again. The Aquatel level monitoring system will help you manage your water usage and let you know what's going on in the tank. 

Installation is very easy. Just set the tank unit on top of your tank with a small hole underneath the sensor. Program your settings in the remote display unit and thats it. If you get the M107-BT with wireless controller you will wire your pump starter or valve to the output. If you are not comfortable with electricity then your electrician can easily adapt the controller to your system wiring. 

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