COVID-19 Virus Proliferation via Water: Discussion and Preventive Measures

Posted by David Cannon on 1st Jul 2020

COVID-19 Virus Proliferation via Water: Discussion and Preventive Measures

It is needless to say that the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has been quite a worrisome phenomenon. Since the threat of Coronavirus still looms. Therefore, it wouldn’t be shocking if you are concerned about its spreading via water. Our body consists of 75-90% of water, we consume it on a daily basis. Therefore, if tap water is safe is a legitimate concern. This article makes an attempt to clear all the doubts about the proliferation of COVID-19 virus via water. The discussion will be continued with ways to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak via water by using appropriate water treatment solutions.

Can COVID-19 Virus Proliferate Via Drinking Water?

Let us answer this question for you.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which works with the Federal government, has confirmed that no traces of COVID-19 have been found in the domestic water supply. Since, commercial water treatment technologies like filtration, disinfection, etc are capable of inactivating the virus. However, it is essential to understand that the risk cannot be overlooked. Therefore, the disinfection of drinking water is essential to be done before supply.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved water treatment systems must be implemented to ensure drinking water safety. In case, your water supply is not from municipal water source but from a personal water source like well, then CDC insists to install certified water treatment systems. The use of certified home water treatment devices would help assure a double safety against viruses and other pathogens.
Although, here we are talking about the safety of domestic, consumable water supply it is still important to consider COVID-19 proliferation via wastewater and bathing or pool water as well. Let us discuss these factors in brief.

Does COVID-19 Spread via Bathing or Pool Water?

After drinking water, the next highest use of water is to bathe and wash. In such cases, pools and domestic tap water are widely used, so it is important to keep them sanitized. It is confirmed by the CDC that the safety of pool and tap water can be assured through proper maintenance. Treatments like chlorination and filtration do suffice dilution of the virus to disinfect the water.

What about Spreading of COVID-19 via Wastewater?

Even though wastewater is not consumed or touched directly, it is recycled and directed to natural water sources. Domestic sewage and wastewater may consist of feces of COVID-19 patients. This can cause a threat of the virus spread via wastewater. However, the CDC has pronounced that chances of COVID-19 virus transmission via sewage or wastewater are low, even though the possibilities cannot be ruled out. According to SARS reports, the COVID-19 virus can survive in sewage water for 2 to 14 days if not treated immediately and efficiently. Therefore, sewage and wastewater pose a threat of COVID-19 virus proliferation.

The CDC suggests intense wastewater treatments to disinfect the water before directing it to natural water sources.
However, personal hygiene and domestic water purification at home and at the treatment center are very important. Therefore, considerable preventive measures must be taken to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission through Water and Other Means

In order to prevent COVID-19 transmission, the following methods can be helpful.

  1. Using UV Disinfectant System: The UV disinfectant system can help inactivate the COVID-19 virus immediately. Along with the conventional water treatments like filtrations, boiling, distillation, the UV disinfection must be adopted. It is proven that UV disinfection is capable of terminating any microbial growth and removing chemical contaminants from water.
  2. Self-Sanitization: To ensure personal hygiene, self-sanitization is very important. For such purposes, one can use BAC stop 3A Instant hand sanitizer. It is 65% ethanol-based sanitizer, which is highly effective for disinfecting hands from any virus or bacterial element. It is a WHO and USDA compliant formula that is suitable for effective sanitization. It is available in a 1-gallon bottle and BAC Stop 3A 55-gallon drum quantities. It shall be accompanied by a hand sanitizer misting pump to get just enough sanitizer to use.
  3. Place Sanitization: A heavy-duty foam wand cleaning system can be used to sanitize the place in order to prevent COVID-19 transmission. It is used for spreading dual chemical mixture to several places. It features MTM Hydro HG35 wash gun. Therefore, it can be used to disinfect places like poultry, dairy, workshops, etc.

Implementation of these mentioned preventive measures can secure water and personnel from COVID-19 transmission.
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