Northern California Warehouse Solves Water Treatment Problem In Evaporative Coolers

Posted by David Cannon on 8th Mar 2017

A Northern California warehouse was having problems preventing equipment failures and scale in nine industrial evaporative coolers and swamp coolers.

Tower Tablets

They had limited maintenance staff and wanted a simple and safe way to control scale, corrosion and biological fouling. The evaporative coolers were located on the roof of several buildings making delivery of liquid chemicals difficult and hazardous. They did not want to install elaborate and expensive feed equipment.

The solution to their problems came in a form of round solid water treatment tablet: DTEA II SR Plus SC. They installed the DTEA II SR Plus SC by its built in hanger in each swamp cooler in a location where the re-circulated water flows over the tablet. The tablets are a slow dissolve formula designed to last 3 to 4 weeks or more. One tablet can treat up to 25 tons of refrigeration. DTEA II SR Plus SC releases scale, corrosion inhibitors and a powerful deposit control agent. They saved thousand on feed equipment, labor and chemical costs. Each tablet does the job of two or more liquid chemicals in a concentrated form.

DTEA II SR Plus SC Tablet with Hanger                       

DTEA II SR Plus SC shown hanging in cooling tower

DTEA II SR Plus SC is the ideal water treatment solution for small to medium cooling towers, closed loops, humidifiers, swamp coolers, evaporative coolers and pre-coolers, providing a simple and safe way to do your own water treatment.

DTEA II SR and DTEA II SR Plus SC is manufactured for Cannon Water Technology Inc. by AMSA, Inc.