Process Equipment for Water Technology- Overview, Types, and Applications

Posted by David Cannon on 12th Aug 2020

Process Equipment for Water Technology- Overview, Types, and Applications

Water technologies have evolved over the years. It involves several processes to be performed in order to make water suitable for utility purposes. Due to the high amount of water pollution, water processing technologies involve chemical procedures, filtration, purification, and many more. 

Therefore, it also requires several process equipment. It can be used in water technology, wastewater treatment, domestic water purification, domestic well water pumping and purification, and many other operations. However, there are several types of process equipment suitable for various operations. 

Do you know what the different types of process equipment are? Do you know where to apply them? If you intend to know, then this post is for you. This post gives you an overview of process equipment in water technology, list out the equipment, and discuss their applications.

Overview of Process Equipment in Water Technology

Process equipment is the devices that are used for activities like water or chemical pumping, filtering, flow controlling, etc. These process equipment play a significant role in water technology since operations like chemical injection are harmful to perform manually whereas pumping, flow control is high load tasks therefore are not efficient manually. Therefore, there is a range of process equipment used in water technology. The various types of equipment are listed below.

Pumps are the devices that carry water from a source to the pipes connected to it. There are several types of pumps used in water technology to achieve various flow requirements. The pumps are also used for chemical pumping in wastewater treatment plants. Generally, common applications of pumps are to pump water from a well, water suction, and feeding in a water pipeline, etc.

Feeders are the devices that inject water or chemical in a metered quantity. Generally, in water technology, the feeders are used to inject chemicals in small quantities. Potassium water purification, chlorine water purification, etc are common applications of feeders in water technology.

The valves are devices that enable flow control and direct the water stream. There are different types of valves used in water technology like a flow control valve, butterfly valve, directional valves, solenoid valves, and many more. These valves are of significant importance in water treatment plants as well as water purification equipment. In the water treatment plants, the directional valves are used to direct the water flow to a specific treatment section, whereas the flow control valves are used for controlling the water volume.

  • Filters:

Filters are process equipment that is used for separating contaminants. The filters are not just limited to screen or mesh filters. There are several advanced types of filters used in modern water procession operations. Types of filters like active filters, passive filters, centrifugal separators, carbon filters, sand separators, etc are used in water technology. The filters are not only used for physical contaminant separation but are also used for chemical separation.

  • Heat Exchangers:

The heat exchangers are used in the water heating or cooling systems. Heaters or boiling units serve as heat exchangers for boiling water purification. In the water cooling, the water coolers, condensers, etc are used as heat exchangers. Generally, water processing involves boiling and condensing operation, therefore the heat exchangers are extensively used in water technology.

The flow meters are electronic devices used for flow measurement and flow control operations. The water pipelines are always vulnerable to overexposure of water volume. Extra water flow rates can cause sudden damage to the piping system. Therefore, the flowmeters are installed at different locations like pipe bends, elbows, t-joints, etc.

Sudden pressure rise in water transportation channels and piping is quite common. In order to avoid hazardous accidents and damage, it is essential to maintain water pressure inside the pipeline in a certain range. Therefore, ensure specific pressure ranges in the water system the pressure sensors and gauges are used as process equipment.

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