Pulp and Paper Industries Waste Water Treatment

Posted by David Cannon on 26th Apr 2019

Pulp and Paper Industries Waste Water Treatment

The pulp and paper is one such industries that utilizes a large quantity of water in every step of the manufacturing processes. The use of this excessive quantity of water automatically results in the release of large volumes of wastewater containing residual sludge waste, sediments, effluent solids, absorbable organic halides (AOX), chlorinated organic compounds, chemical oxygen demand (COD), and biological oxygen demand (BOD), among others. With the growing water scarcity and heightened awareness associated with water conservation, the pulp and paper industry now indulges in utilizing the best of water treatment processes. Several players in the pulp and paper industry have already adopted the best practices to ensure efficacious water filtration. To support such initiatives, a wide range of pumps, equipment and chemicals are available that contribute to a safe and quick water treatment process. The aim of this post is to familiarize you with certain products that immensely useful for those managing the waste water treatment processes in the pulp and paper industry.

Products that Support Waste Water Treatment in Pulp and Paper Industry

Treatment of wastewater requires onsite primary and secondary treatment systems that are known to deliver consistently high quality results. What are the popularly used types of products for water filtration procedures in the pulp and paper industry? They are listed as follow:

Pumps: Pumps play a crucial role in waste water treatment processes. They are used across various stages of water treatment procedures including pumping waste water, tank cleaning, and transferring treated water among others. Available in different types and specifications, they ease the water treatment processes substantially, whilst saving time and labor. The most commonly used types of pumps for waste water treatment and filtration applications are:

  • Peristaltic Pumps: They are the perfect pump choice for dosing and metering treatment chemicals and reagents. These self-priming pumps can handle high viscosity fluids, making them an apt choice for waste water treatment applications in the paper and pulp industry.
  • Diaphragm Pumps: These types of "positive displacement" pumps are manufactured to handle clean, light viscosity fluids to corrosive chemicals and volatile solvents. These pumps assure reliable and trouble-free performance, easy installation and servicing, proven proprietary designs, among others.

  • Motor Driven Metering Pumps: These robust and reliable pumps withstand tough use. These pumps feature excellent suction-lift capabilities, integrated control and multi-layer safety diaphragm.
  • Pump Lift Stations for Corrosive Liquids: They are designed to pump corrosive chemicals and acids, and also to move chemicals, solvents, slurries and other process fluids. Several models of pump lift stations are available featuring corrosion resistant CPVC pump and HDPE tank construction, compact design, automatic pump control, among others.

Making a wise selection after analyzing the application requirements is extremely important as it determines to achieve the expected end results. Realizing a steady rise in demands for such pumps, several manufacturers bring in various options to choose from. The pumps manufactured by Advantage Control, Seko, Beta Technology, LMI, Knight Equipment, Pulsafeeder pumps can be chosen reliably as they are known for their optimum performance and reliable functionality for a long period of time.  

Is that all? No, because the waste water treatment also involves different types of chemicals and equipment. The next post discusses the same in detail.

Products that Contribute to Efficacious Waste Water Treatment

Other than the types of pumps listed in the last post, the following items also contribute to the safe, and quick water treatment.

  • Chemicals: There are several types of anti-foaming agents, coagulants and flocculants available, which are put to use in various stages of waste water treatment at the pulp and paper industry. A few amongst the chemicals that are vastly in use to treat soluble and insoluble impurities in the waste water include;
    • Drain Maintainer: At times, the waste water storage systems may get clogged with the accumulated grease, gooey products, and other residues. Drain maintainer, which is a non-toxic, non-acid and non-alkaline solution, really helps to avoid such situations as it is manufactured to break down residues and clear the clog.
    • Biocides: There are oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides that help suppress harmful organisms. They maximize the effectiveness of your water treatment by minimizing corrosion, scale, and equipment blockages.

Other than the afforested, several other products such as filter media, dispersants and pH buffer solution are also used when executing water filtration and treatment procedures.

  • Equipment: To treat, remediate, and process effluent wastewater, the pulp and paper industry demands a set of reliable and user-friendly equipment. Realizing the importance of proper, economical industrial wastewater treatment, today’s equipment manufacturers have put in efforts to bring in innovative products to the market place. The following are the basic yet crucial equipment you must need to assure safe and quick water treatment/filtration.
    • Centrifugal Separators: A broad selection of reliable and innovative centrifugal separators are available that help separate hazardous components from the wastewater. The equipment uses centrifugal force, gravity, and mechanical means to separate suspended matter from wastewater.
    • Chemical ByPass Feeders: Introduction of treatment chemicals into closed circulating water systems is what exactly a Chemical ByPass Feeder does. Several styles are available that are known for simplicity in design and ease of operation.

There are also pressure gauges, glycol feeders, level measurement, water samplers, water treatment controllers and other test equipment available that immensely used across several stages of the waste water treatment processes. From the last two posts, you are clear about the significance of treating and filtering waste water properly that is generated from several processes in the paper and pulp industry. The flow of waste water from the industry to water bodies and eco system cannot be permitted any more considering the disastrous effects it brings to the environment. Leading players in the paper and pulp industry are thus adopting stringent measures to treat/filter waste water, and here is where the products listed in the two posts are beneficial.

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