Guidelines for Reopening Your Business Post COVID-19 Outbreak

Posted by David Cannon on 1st Jul 2020

Guidelines for Reopening Your Business Post COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over. However, things are getting back to normal, or perhaps this is the new normal. All over the globe, slowly but steadily, the industries are getting back to function. For several months, the businesses were encouraging their employees to work from home and were operating with a minimal workforce. Following the White House’s Guidelines for Opening up America again, now companies are getting ready to start over. Employees are getting back to offices. In such a case, safety cannot be overlooked, since the threat of COVID-19 still looms. So, if you are planning to reopen your business, then you must follow some safety guidelines. It is important to follow the guidelines stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure the safety of your employees. This post guides you through safety activities for reopening your business place.

Important Guidelines That Would Aid Reopen Your Business Post COVID-19

In order to ensure employee safety against COVID-19, the workplaces must follow guidelines stated by OSHA and other health care organizations. The following activities will help in securing your employees against the threat of COVID-19.

  • Know and Follow Government Safety Orders: According to OSHA, the potential hazard of COVID-19 spread is dependent on the nature of the organization. Therefore, under the guidance from OSHA, the federal organization CDC suggests employers assess the potential hazards at the workplace and employ hand hygiene and respiratory etiquettes.
  • Equip Workplace with Testing and Screening Measures: Workplace testing and employee screening must be performed. Employees with sensitive health conditions shall be provided with essential healthcare resources. However, according to the American Disabilities Act (ADA), the employees cannot be inquired or examined for health conditions unless and until it is related to workplace safety. Employers can secure health conditions related to data to secure employees against COVID-19. In certain cases, the employees with health conditions like asthma, heart disorders, and other respiratory disabilities, shall be screened and given advanced safety measures.

For the testing process, the following tests must be offered by the employers.

  • Temperature Test: According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), employers are advised to use contact-less temperature measurement devices to test body temperatures of the employees reporting to work. According to CDC guidelines, the temperatures up to100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is considered safe for employees to enter the workplace.
  • COVID-19 Test: The employees having any COVID-19 symptoms should be tested for COVID-19. The employer shall facilitate COVID-19 tests from authentic medical services.
  • Antibody Test: Antibody test is a medical examination that can detectability of one’s body to function against viruses. This test shall be performed to check if employees are immune to COVID-19.
  • Workplace Hazard Assessment and Social Distancing: In accordance with OSHA, the CDC has advised employers to perform COVID-19 workplace hazard assessment. The workplaces where employees can potentially come in contact, crowded workshops, etc should be equipped for better safety. Social distancing has to be performed in order to restrict COVID-19 transmission from one employee to another.
  • Improve Sanitizing, Disinfecting Protocols: Betterment of sanitizing and disinfection protocols are important at the workplace. Employees should be trained for personal sanitization and hygiene whereas, workplace sanitization should be a regular practice. Sanitizers with 60% alcohol content are essential to be used.
  • Facilitate PPE: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) must be provided by the employers to the employees. The employees should be trained to use PPE and work in compliance with COVID-19 safety policies.
  • Reconstruct Office Policies: Office policies must be restructured to ensure safety. Office policies like employee presence can be tuned to shifts to avoid crowding at the workplace. Work from Home protocol shall be offered to employees with vulnerable health conditions.  
  • Quarantine employees with COVID-19 Symptoms: If employees with COVID-19 symptoms are found, then they must be quarantined until their results for COVID-19 becomes negative.
  • Install Good Air and Water Purification Systems: Along with workplace sanitization, essential resources like water and air should be provided. However, COVID-19 spreading via air and water is not confirmed, still, purified air and water can add to immunity. Air purifiers are essential due to respiratory intrusion of the COVID-19 virus. For water purification, UV disinfectant systems must be installed.

Along with these safety precautions, it is important to use sanitization, disinfectants, and water and air purifiers from a trusted brand. Cannon Water Technology, Inc is a company that follows these guidelines and operates secured from COVID-19. Their products like BAC stop sanitizers, UV disinfectant water purifiers, and heavy-duty foam wand cleaners can help in securing your workplace against COVID-19.