Why Use Centrifugal Pumps in Sanitary Industry?

Posted by David Cannon on 22nd Feb 2021

Why Use Centrifugal Pumps in Sanitary Industry?

Safety and sanitation are imperative requisites across industries, especially food & beverage, and other high-purity applications. Manufacturers have to work hard to meet the demands. In the sanitary industry, a streamlined system with the right equipment and tools can make a significant difference. Centrifugal pumps are most commonly used in the sanitary industry for maintaining the purity of the product without any risk of contamination. Popularly called sanitary centrifugal pumps, they are easily cleanable and have a smooth surface to discourage bacterial growth and prevent contamination of the product. There are several benefits of using centrifugal pumps in the sanitary industry including low maintenance for greater operational efficiency, smooth operation capability, simple design, and many more. This post highlights some other benefits in detail. Read on to know more.

Know Why Centrifugal Pumps Are Popular in Sanitary Industry?

This type of pump is by far the most commonly used in the processing industry. It is the most economical and common example of the kinetic pump design. There are several benefits of using a centrifugal pump in the sanitary industry that have contributed to its popularity. The following are some important ones.

  • Superior Performance:

    The centrifugal pumps have a simple and uniquely designed semi-open impeller. The impeller with a special vane design controls flow rate in low viscosity fluids. This helps prevent cavity growth, minimizing the risk of mechanical damage. Also, it ensures a pulse-free flow rate and reliable performance.

  • Great Flexibility:

    The biggest advantage of a centrifugal pump is its superior flexibility. This pump is known for delivering high flow rates and can accommodate clean-in-place (CIP) procedures. They have the flexibility and small footprint for several configurations to deliver a variety of pressure flows and outputs. For instance, in many food-grade pump applications, sanitary centrifugal pumps accommodate liquids containing suspended particulates or solids, adding to their strong offering.

  • Hygienic Design:

    Almost all high-purity applications demand hygienic processing conditions to prevent contamination. Thus, routine cleaning is a topmost priority. Relatively simple in design, the sanitary centrifugal pump cleaning method is easy although it would vary based on the application requirement. Crevice-free internals, an external mechanical seal, an optimized impeller with balancing holes, and controlled compression gaskets ensure the pump is neatly cleaned during a CIP procedure.

  • Efficient Operation:

    Efficiency is one of the major selling points of centrifugal pumps. Velocity is generated using centrifugal force, allowing liquid transfer against the outer wall of the pump. Using the pump’s inlet nozzle, fluid is taken and rotated through the veins of the impeller until it is discharged from the pump side. Centrifugal pumps can transfer a large number of low viscosity fluids quickly. The pumps offer tight tolerances, a robust design, and an advanced impeller design to reduce recirculation and achieve energy efficiency.

  • Minimal Cost:

    Basically, centrifugal pumps have a relatively low purchase cost than many other pumps. Their aforementioned benefits such as flexibility, dependability, and high-efficiency results in a total cost of ownership (TCO). The serviceability of these pumps is another essential consideration for TCO. Downtime of repair and maintenance as well as the availability of spare parts can significantly impact the overall operational costs.

Overall, centrifugal pumps offer several advantages, making them a great and economical choice across industries. If you are planning to purchase a centrifugal pump, then it is important to employ an industry leader like Cannon Water Technology. With years of market presence, the company is a one-stop-solution to purchase high-quality and performance-driven pumps from trusted brands at affordable prices. The company also offer water filtration systems, pH meters, chemical pumps in various configurations to meet your application requirements.