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Advantage Controls, founded in 1994, holds a core belief in providing exceptional value to customers and treating them and their team members like family. Over the years, they have expanded their product line from simple analog controllers to a comprehensive range of equipment for industrial water treatment professionals. From basic accessory items to fully prefabricated packages, they offer solutions for every need.

The cornerstone of Advantage Controls is their outstanding service. Unlike computer-generated voices, their caring team is always ready to assist customers with quotes, product support, or information. They take pride in their service-first approach, setting them apart from other businesses. With an extensive network of outside sales and service personnel, they can offer on-the-spot assistance when required.

At Advantage, they uphold the "golden rule" of treating others as they would like to be treated. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, making them a reliable and refreshing choice. Cannon Water plays a crucial role as a trusted brand partner, further enhancing the quality and effectiveness of their water treatment solutions.