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Chemical ByPass Feeder 5 Gallon Flat Bottom with Air Release and Quick Closure Ryton Lid

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A chemical ByPass feeder, also referred to as a chemical pot feeder, is a device used to introduce treatment chemicals into different types of liquid streams. These feeders are used in the hot water, as well as cold water streams. These devices are rugged, and so can be used in the most challenging application requirements. Cannon Water Technology, Inc. is one of the most experienced, and hence trusted and reliable distributors of high-quality chemical ByPass feeders with Air Release and Quick Closure Ryton Lid in the US. The SKU number of this chemical bypass feeder is FB5-QC-AR.

While introducing powdered or granular chemicals in this feeder, it is important to ensure that the chemicals do not plug the lines. To do this, it is recommended to create an up-flow with the inlet at the bottom of the tank and outlet at the top.The only time you will plumb a bypass feeder in the opposite direction is when a bag feeder is installed.

Specifications of the Chemical ByPass Feeder with Air Release and Quick Closure Ryton Lid

We have the capability to provide you this feeder with the following specifications:

  • Construction (Material): Carbon steel design with Corrosion Proof "Ryton" Synthetic Seal Plate
  • Maximum Operating Parameters (@ 200F): 200 psi
  • Exterior: Prime Painted
  • Volume: 1, 2, 5 & 10 Gallon Sizes Available. 
  • Weight: 32 lbs.

Beneficial Features of the Chemical ByPass Feed System Provided by Cannon Water


  1. This chemical bypass feeder features an easy-to-open lid design. Besides this, it also has a small wrench, which is adjustable at low torque.
  2. The flat bottom chemical pot feeder is available with us in different materials, including 304, and 316 stainless steel.
  3. It features a powder coated finish, which offers extreme protection to the device, superior to other products having painted finish.
  4. The fill opening of this device has a good diameter of a full four inches. This allows one to add chemical products to the feeder efficiently without spilling them.
  5. It is easy to install these feeders, and requires less time. The low torque opening of this bypass feeder eliminates the requirement of anchoring it to the floor.
  6. When you use VP-75 valve package with this feeder, then you only require two valves as installation material. It eliminates the need of unions, fitting, and joints, and thus saves you a considerable amount of time, money, and efforts.
  7. The flat bottom of this chemical bypass feed system allows you to install it on the floor, or pedestal mounting.

Accessories of the Chemical ByPass Feeders that We Provide

There are several optional accessories that can be ordered for the chemical bypass feeder, which are as follows: Call For Quote

  • Strainer Basket (stainless steel)
  • Pedestal Mounting
  • Bag Filters (25 microns for use with Strainer Basket)
  • Funnel Package 10" x 10" or Funnel only
  • Cartridge Filter Assembly
  • Valve Package

Installation Example


  • Cartridge Filters (25 micron; 100F, 170F or 250F)

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