Mec-O-Matic Pumps

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The Pulsafeeder MEC-O-MATIC chemical metering pump uses a peristaltic pump head to effectively handle your chemical solution and slurry metering needs.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Pulsafeeder MEC-O-MATIC chemical pump line was designed with heavy use in mind. Each pump is engineered, and built to last, from the pump case made from molded, rugged, chemical resistant ABS. The gear motor is thermal and impedance protected. All metal gear parts, which are heat-treated, and the output shaft supported by heavy duty bearings making the MEC-O-MATIC the best choice for a simple but long life chemical dosing pump.

Chemical Pump Applications That Use the Mec-O-Matic pump

The Pulsafeeder MEC-O-MATIC Series peristaltic pumps can be used in many applications from:

  • Feeding Liquid Chemicals
  • Dispensing Detergents
  • Pumping Liquid Enzymes
  • Pumping Fragrances and Deodorizers
  • Slurry Pumping
  • Dosing Pump For Drain and Grease Cleaning Chemicals
  • Water Treatment Chemical Pumps
  • Waste Water Treatment Pumps
  • Swimming Pool Chemical Pump
  • Steam Boiler Chemical Pump
  • Cooling Tower Chemical Pump
  • Fertilizer Chemical Pump
  • Poultry Farm Disinfection Pump
  • Livestock Medication Dosing
  • Metal Finishing Chemical Pumping
  • Carwash Soap Pump
  • Warewashing Sanitizer and Detergent Pump
  • Laundry Chemical Pump

Cannon Water Technology is an authorized Mec-O-Matic dealer and distributes the Pulsafeeder pump line and it's associated Mec-O-Matic parts. We offer free technical support, low prices and discounts to resellers of chemical metering pumps. If you are looking to buy a Pulsafeeder pump on sale you have come to the right place. Contact us today to learn how to properly select a chemical metering pump for your application. We would love to hear from you soon.