Serfilco Drum Pumps

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Drum pumps are devices that dispense chemical and abrasive fluids from drums and barrel to the required unit with the help of an electric motor. These chemical drum pumps can transfer fluids with low to medium viscosities via a tube connected to a drum or barrel. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer Serfilco drum pumps which are designed to be robust and withstand harsh chemicals and operating environments.

Materials Used for Serfilco Drum Pumps

Serfilco vertical pumps are made from a combination of engineered thermoplastics such as PTFE and FKM and metals such as stainless steel 316 or aluminum. A combination of various thermoplastics and metals such as PP, CPVC, PVDF, SS, CPVC/PVDF is used to get the best output. These are available in various lengths. SS316 offers the advantage of resistance to corrosive and abrasive fluids and reduced wear. Aluminum makes them lightweight. They can be used with any air compression or electric motor.

Features of Serfilco Drum Pumps

There are many beneficial features of these chemical drum pumps which help enhance their performance and offer them a competitive edge. 

  • Serfilco drump pumps are designed to be robust and can resist chemicals, abrasive fluids, vibration, flammability, and so on.
  • The Serfilco pump kit comprises a motor pump tube assembly, a 6-feet PVC hose, dispensing nozzle, barrel adapter, storage bracket, and a digital flow meters which is optional.
  • They are suitable for transferring extremely concentrated acids and alkalis such as sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, potassium hydroxide, and more. They are also suited to transfer flammable fluids.
  • These are portable pumps that can fit onto the top opening of a container, from where a fluid needs to be transferred. This saves lifting and pivoting heavy barrels. It also saves unnecessary spillage.
  • They are super lightweight and hence easy to move if required.
  • They have a decent flow range from 15 to 22 gpm.
  • Some models of Serfilco drum pumps are explosion proof. They do not have a seal and the bushings are made of carbon.
  • The length of these vertical pumps varies from 35 inches to 50 feet, depending on the model.


Here are some common application areas of Serfilco drum pumps. 


Here are some common questions most clients and prospective buyers may have on their mind. We have answered some of them here.

  • What are drum pumps used for?

Serfilco drum pumps are used for transferring highly corrosive, aggressive as well as flammable fluids of low viscosity. They are widely used in water treatment, acid and alkali measurement, chemicals, petroleum, and so on.

  • How do drum pumps work?

Once the Serfilco drum pump is fitted atop a container, its AC motor near the shaft is connected to a power source. It pumps out the liquid with the help of tube starting from the bottom of the barrel. Most times, the fluid is densest at the bottom. Once the pump is powered, the fluid moves along the shaft, thus creating a vacuum in the barrel. This pulls the liquid upwards.

  • How do you pump liquid out of a drum?

You can pump liquid out of the drum by using a drum pump. With Serfilco drum pumps, just one connected hose and a motor is enough to do the job. You need to set the pump on the top portion of the concerned barrel and then transferring the fluid is quite easy.

  • What type of pump is a drum pump?        

Most drum pumps are positive displacement pumps, and hence they create vacuum inside the drum and pulls the liquid into the shaft.