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Discontinued: Beta Technology 100 Series Pump Tube Kit, Detergent Capacity Tube, Norprene, 6mm

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Discontinued USE P/N D039553

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Discontinued: Use P/N D039553
Beta is no longer producing the tubes with 6mm connections. The alternate tube D039553 has 1/4" connections. It may be necessary for you to change your pickup and discharge tubing over to 1/4" OD. If you are using an injection fitting you will need to change it over to a fitting that accepts 1/4" OD. We suggest using the Beta Straight Rinse Injector P/N 051466

Beta Technology Detergent Capacity Tube, 
Norprene, 6mm

Beta Norprene Tubes are long lasting high capacity tubes designed to stand up to harsh chemicals used in warewashing and laundry pump dispensers.

Tubes Fit 100 Series Snap Heads Only

P/N 1203997 Beta Technology Detergent Capacity Tube, Norprene, 6mm

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