F-40750LN-16 Blue-White F-410N Series Flowmeter 1-10 GPM, 1" F/NPT, 316SS float

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Variable area flow meters are used in various industries to measure the flow of gases, liquids, and steams. Blue White F-40750LN-16 Flowmeter is one of the popular types of variable area flow meters used in various process industries. These flow meters are designed for both – direct and indirect sunlight applications. Cannon Water Technology, Inc. provides this industry-leading flow meter under SKU F-40750LN-16.

Specifications of Blue White F-40750LN-16 Flowmeter

The flowmeter is available in the following specifications:

  • Pipe Size (Inch): 1
  • Flow Range (GPM): 1 to 10
  • Flow Range (LPM): 4 to 38
  • Float Material: 316 SS
  • Meter Body: Cast Acrylic Rod
  • Adapter Material: Polypropylene
  • Guide Rod Holder: Polypropylene
  • O-ring Seals: FKM (optional EP)
  • Guide Rod: 316SS
  • Max. Working Pressure: 150 psig (10.3 bar) @ 70° F (21° C)
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 316 SS Float: 150° F (65° C) @ 0 PSI
  • Full Scale Accuracy: +/- 5%
  • Calibration Fluid: Water, specific gravity 1.0
  • Scale Length (inch):5
  • Scale Length (mm): 127
  • Environment: Acceptable for direct sunlight exposure
  • Maximum Pressure Drop (PSI): 2 PSI
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 2 lb. (.91 kg)
  • Product Dimensions:    
    • Length: 44.00 mm, 1.73 in
    • Width: 44.00 mm, 1.73 ino  
    • Height: 279.00 mm, 10.98 in
  • Materials of Construction :
    • Meter Body: Cast Acrylic Rod
    • Adapters: Polypropylene
    • Guide Rod Holder: Polypropylene
    • O-ring seals: Viton (optional EP)
    • Float: Standard Series-316SS; K-Series – Hastelloy
    • Guide Road:  Standard Series-316SS; K-Series – Hastelloy

 Beneficial Features of Blue White F-40750LN-16 Flowmeter

The following beneficial features of this flowmeter makes it a preferred choice in various industries:

  • The flowmeter is manufactured using high-quality machined acrylic rod stock. This construction helps ensure the long-term performance in adverse conditions.
  • The body is polished to a clear, glass-like finish, which along with a white back reflector gives an easy reading.
  • There is a permanent scale on the body, which enables direct reading. 
  • The adapters of the flowmeter feature Viton O-ring seals, as well as aluminum “stress ring” thread supports.
  • There are Hastelloy or 316 stainless steel rod guided floats.
  • The flowmeter is perfect for direct sunlight applications.

Installation Requirements

Improper installation of the device can lead to its operational failure. The following steps will help maximize the efficiency and long-term performance of the flow meter.

  1. Install the flowmeter in a vertical plane to ensure its proper working. Misalignment of the flowmeter will induce the O-ring seal leakage, thereby affecting its performance
  2. Floor, wall, and ceiling mounts, as well as supports, must be aligned with the meter body. This alignment will help strengthen the plumbing, as well as reduce vibrations. Always ensure that the weight of the related piping doesn’t lie on the flowmeter.
  3. Install the flowmeter on dried glue fittings. This is because the plastic fittings and meter body cannot tolerate the pipe dope or PVC glue. The fumes in the lines can severely damage the flowmeter. Hence, if you are installing the flowmeter to a glued configuration, ensure that it is performed only after the glue is dried.
  4. Never use the pliers or other tools to hold the meter. Also, avoid over-tightening the meter.
  5. Avoid using a system which will induce a sudden flow to the meter. This type of flow burst is mainly induced by quick opening valves like solenoid valves. These devices will have a negative impact on the float stop.
  6. Take note of the maximum working pressure and temperature. These values are interdependent on each other. Increase in either of these values can damage the flowmeter.

Do you want to know how Blue White F-40750LN-16 Flowmeter can be an asset to your facility? Please contact our professionals at the earliest. 


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