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Knight Pro-Watch II, Battery Powered

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SKU: 8600385-08
Weight: 10.00 LBS

Obsolete replaced by 8600385-01

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Knight Equipment Pro-Watch II Battery Powered

OBSOLETE: Replaced by 8600385-07



Microprocessor Based Chemical Dispensing System

Knight Pro-Watch is a microprocessor based chemical dispensing system for grease traps, drains, and odor control. This easy-to-use system stores up to 20 dispensing events per day, programmable by day, minutes or seconds. With an addition of the Misting Kit, Pro-Watch becomes an advanced chemical spray system designed to spray deodorizing or sanitizing mist in a variety of applications such as trash compactors, roll-a-way garbage bins and other trash depositories.

  • Microprocessor Based Controls
  • High-impact Thermoplastic, Watertight Case
  • LCD Display
  • Self Priming
  • Wall or Shelf Mounting
  • Non-volatile Program Memory
  • Battery Powered by two 6 volt cells

Model Features:

Same system as the Pro-Watch 510T, but housed in a larger watertight plastic case designed to hold two 6-volt alkaline (Energizer #529 or equivalent) lantern batteries. No AC power required. Feed rate 100 mL/min, 3.4 oz/min.


NOTE: If you need a built in transformer verses external use the PRO-WATCH 510T




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