Water Meters

Water Meters

Water meters are devices that keep track and measure the volume of water supplied through a pipeline to any house or property. These are one of the important devices used by water supply departments or corporations as a property is billed based on the meter reading every month. Nowadays, smart water meters have gained traction and they are being installed in many homes across the US. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer various types of water flow meters. We source these meters from reputed manufacturers such as Carlon, Stenner, Seametrics, and more. These are made using various materials such as stainless steel, plastic, bronze, and so on.

Types of Water Meters Offered by Cannon Water

There are various types and brands of water meters we offer. Here are some of them.

  • Ultrasonic Water Meters: This water meter measures water supply volume by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves between two transducers. This is based on the time taken by the ultrasound waves to travel to and from between the transducers. Our ultrasonic meters come with a display screen that display flow value in real time. These meters can handle high temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures around 230 psi. They can resist suspended particles and are low on maintenance as there are no moving parts.
  • Smart Water Meters: IoT has gained traction as it facilitates inter-device communication. The same has been applied to water meters to make them smart. They facilitate communication from consumer device to service provider unit and all the steps in between including measuring water usage and preparing the bill, identifying leaks or other issues. This is possible because they are connected to ECU or an electronic control unit, which helps automate the entire process.
  • Real Time Flow Meter and Data Loggers: As the term implies, this meter measures water volume and logs it in real time. This is displayed on the screen attached to it. So, it can display logged data, totalized volume of water flow, and real-time value.
  • Lightweight Plastic Meters with Water Flow Sensors: These are durable yet lightweight meters made of plastic. This meter has a pump control module which receives a pulse based on a specific volume of water flow through the meter. Most models in this category are NSF/ANSI-372 (low lead) certified. They come with reed switch water flow sensors which facilitate accurate flow measurement.

Beneficial Features of Smart Water Meters

Since there is much focus on smart meters nowadays, we have focused on their beneficial features. Here are some of them.

  • Smart meters have absolutely revolutionary and hence being implemented by several local governments and municipalities.
  • They are beneficial in terms of their end-to-end automated functioning with little or no human intervention.  
  • From an environmental and a long-term point of view, smart water meters help save water as they monitor the usage closely, identify leaks, and so on. They are a sustainable solution to reduce water scarcity in the long term.
  • Most smart meters are made of recyclable thermoplastic materials which again makes them sustainable and ecofriendly.
  • You can easily inspect these meters and determine if there are leakages and if they are continuous. This can be done by merely observing the screen for a few seconds and check if the low-flow indicator is flashing.

How to Read a Water Meter?

Most of our meters come with a display screen which makes it easy to read water usage values. You can check some other factors through a user-friendly menu. Here are some steps to read the water meter which may help keep the water usage in check and fix leakage issues on time.

  • If you stay in a gated community or there are many meters fixed onto the roadsides placed in an enclosure, you will have to first identify your meter with the help of a serial number on it that matches with your bill.
  • Ensure you close all the taps when checking your reading.
  • Readings are done differently for digital and analog meters. While digital meters have a display screen, analog meters can be connected to one. For either types, readings are displayed in gallons or cubic feet.
  • For most meters, there is a clock-like dial with a pointer. There is an indicator towards one of the sides for low flow. The reading value is displayed in small squares just where the unit is mentioned.
  • For digital meters, there is a touchscreen or push-button menu such as arrows, flashlight, start, cancel, enter, and other tabs. You can navigate through the menu to check total volume, leakage, and other aspects you want, and the value will be displayed on the screen.
  • Commercial water meters work on the principle of positive displacement. They contain an oscillating piston which moves based on the water flow through the meter chamber. We offer vertical positive displacement meters that can be installed into a vertical pipe. This can be used in residential as well as commercial properties.

Do Water Meters Lose Accuracy Over Time and How to Handle it?

The average lifespan of most meters is about 15-20 years. It is best to replace them after 20 years or so. Also, like any other operating device or equipment, they need maintenance once in a while. Some meters, especially commercial ones, may require periodic recalibration; else, they may lose accuracy in readings. Inaccurate readings may lead to unidentified water loss as well as monetary loss. To check the meter’s accuracy, it is essential to check the master meter at the supply level as well as any possible leakages in the pipeline. To avoid early aging of meters, perform regular inspections and ensure there is no mineral build-up inside the meter which may hamper the flow rate. Old meters may be replaced with smart meters to gain optimum benefits.

If you are looking for good quality water flow meters for your house or commercial premises, we are an absolutely reliable partner. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer premium quality water meters sourced from reputed brands. You can share your requirements with us and we can offer you a quick quote. If you have any further enquiries or questions about the water meter types we offer, whether technical or pricing-related, we will be happy to help you instantly. Contact us via phone or email.