Myron L Test Equipment

Myron L® is a highly reputed manufacturer of water quality testing instruments in California, United States. The company was initially founded as a research and development company and was owned and operated by the California Corporation. After patenting many specialty items for space and industrial applications, the company started manufacturing premium water quality testing equipment. Their products like pH instruments, ORP instruments, dialysate meters, hydroponic meters, etc are some of the most popular ones used across industries. Myron L digital & analog water quality instruments are preferred by several water technology-based companies due to performance accuracy and long-term durability.

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Cannon Water Technology, Inc is one of the highly trusted suppliers of Myron L water quality testing instruments. Scroll through this page to know more about Myron L products in our stock. 

List of Myron L Water Quality Testing Equipment Supplied by Cannon Water Technology, Inc.

We, at Cannon Water Technology, Inc offer a wide range of digital & analog water quality instruments. The products we have from Myron L are listed below.

  • Myron L Handheld Meters: We offer Myron L handheld meters that are designed for precise measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, and temperature of the water. These meters have an integrated pH/ORP sensor, four-electrode cell, and microprocessor-based circuit. These handheld meters feature a single-handed operation, chlorine equivalency mode, and ±1% reading tolerance. It can store up to 100 readings in digital memory with a battery life of over 100 hours. The range of Myron L handheld meters at Cannon Water Technology, Inc includes Ultrameters and Ultrapens.
  • Myron L Dialysate Meter: These Myron L dialysate meters are designed to test acetate and bicarbonate dialysate quality during and post preparation of a dialysate. It tests the pH, conductivity, and temperature of the dialysate before hemodialysis treatment. The device offers chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, diluted acids and bases, aqueous salt solutions, and detergents. It can save up to 5000 readings while running up to 100 hours of battery life. It is IP67/NEMA 6 approved, therefore is waterproof to 1meter/3 feet.
  • Myron L Hydroponic Meter: The Myron L hydroponic meter is a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) testing equipment. It tests the water for dissolved contamination of solid minerals and salts. This equipment Myron L test equipment helps prevent storage tank corrosion, contribution to water pollution, and poor water taste and odor.  

We provide these Myron L test equipment in varying specifications to meet your application requirements. Myron L products are one of our highly demanded products due to the beneficial features of certain products. 

Beneficial Features of Myron L Water Quality Testing Equipment

The common beneficial features offered by the above-mentioned Myron L products are listed below.

  • Myron L digital & analog water quality instruments are designed for accuracy of ±1%, reliability, and simplicity.
  • These instruments are suitable for single-handed operations.
  • These instruments feature over 100 hours of battery life.
  • The reading storage capacity is between 100 to 5000 readings.
  • They feature a 4-digit LED reading display for the convenience of result reading.
  • They feature replaceable pH/ORP sensors.


Myron L water quality test equipment offered by Cannon Water Technology, Inc is used in several commercial and industrial water quality testing operations. The following are a few significant ones.

  • A dialysate meter is used for testing dialysis solution quality before hemodialysis.
  • Many handheld meters are used for a tap water test, drinking water quality analysis, etc.
  • The testing equipment is also used for testing pH, ORP, and dissolved solid contaminants in pre and post-wastewater treatment.

Please feel free to contact our team at or call us at 916-315-2691 to know more about our Myron L quarter quality meters.