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Cooling Tower Controllers & Equipment

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Cooling Tower Controllers & Equipment

Process cooling is basically the process by which thermal radiation, and heat conduction or convection causes the transfer of thermal energy. This process is carried out in a vast number of industrial processes like HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning), manufacturing of steel, factories, commercial buildings, hospitals and other large buildings. Several industries make use of different mechanisms for carrying out the process of cooling. The cooling tower equipment are one of the most popular and widely used cooling systems and is responsible significant reductions in energy costs due to its high efficiency is rejecting heat loads. Cooling towers use water and air as a coolant, via a process known as evaporative cooling. There are several suppliers of cooling tower equipment and controllers. However, Cannon Water stands tall among them all. We provide different types of controllers from most of the major brand name cooling tower controller manufactures. 

Beneficial Features of Cooling Tower Controllers and Equipment

Cooling tower controllers are used to automate the concentration of TDS (total dissolved solids) or conductivity in the cooling water and are also used to automate the chemical feed of scale inhibitors, micro-biocides and dispersants. Newer model cooling tower controllers & cooling tower equipment facilitate data collection and have onboard communications that allow for remote control of the system as well as alarm notification via email and text messaging.

  • Microprocessor Control - Todays cooling tower controller has a microprocessor capable of making complex decisions about the sensor data being collected. This information is used to efficiently add chemicals to the system while maximizing efficiency of water consumption. Automation is the key to reliability and reduced cost of operation.
  • Water Meter Input - By connecting a water meter to your cooling tower equipment  you significantly increase the overall efficiency of your chemical feed system and will now be feeding chemicals proportional to the water consumption of the cooling tower. This will reduce your cost of operation an increase the reliability of your scale and corrosion inhibitors while reducing the consumption of biocides and dispersants.
  • Heavy-duty Enclosure - The cooling tower controllers offered by us are enclosed in strong and tough enclosures. These enclosures are NEMA 4X rated, which provide high level of protection the enclosed controllers from corrosion and harmful environments. These enclosures protect the controller from hose-directed water, dust, and rain.
  • Toroidal Probes - Several controllers now come with a toroidal probe. The benefit of having a toroidal probe is that the equipment does not require any calibration or monthly cleaning and is not affected by slime, dirt or scale. This feature alone will help to prevent catastrophic system failure and is probably the single most significant improvement to the cooling tower controller in recent history. A toroidal probe should be the standard not the option for all future controller purchases.
  • Simple Installation and Easy to Use - Cooling tower controllers should be intuitive and easy to use. Our controllers are pre-wired with pig-tails to make pump and solenoid connection plug and play. Conduit connection options are also available. The cooling tower equipment feature large graphical displays that shows several readings at once. In addition to this, they also have LED function indicators.
  • Easily Programmable - The equipment is provided with intuitive menus. Touch pad and soft keys, making setup simple and easy.

Cannon Water is one of the leading suppliers of water treatment controllers, cooling tower equipment, chemicals, and chemical pumps. We provide equipment from trusted and well-known manufacturers. This helps us ensure high standards and quality of the products provided to our clients. Do you want to know more about the different types of cooling tower controllers and other cooling equipment that we provide? Get in touch with our professionals today


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