Neptune QC-KY-50 Injection Quill With Check Valve

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Neptune QC-KY-50 Injection Quill 

Neptune Injection Quills are designed to insure rapid dispersal of injected chemicals. The quills are available in a variety of materials of construction and pressure ranges as shown below. All quills include a check valve which prevents backflow.

The quills should be installed using the appropriate piping compound or teflon tape. Install the quill pointing upward, in a position between 4:00 and 8:00 o’clock in the pipe to allow gravity to assist the check valve in seating. Spring loaded models may be installed in other positions if necessary.

Instructions for use: 

A. For lines smaller than 4" diameter, trim quill so chemical is released near center of line. Use as is for lines over 4" in diameter. 

B. Install with “telltale” drill indentation facing upstream so flow strikes angled face at end of quill for most rapid dispersal of injected chemical. 

C. For maintenance ease, installation of an isolation valve rated above line operating pressure immediately behind the quill is required.


Kynar Material  

150 psi max

1/2" connection

Has check ball

Note: Special Length's Available Up To 24" Call For Price 1 916 315-2691

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