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OPL Advantage Standard Volume 5 Pumps | OPL-SV5

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Large-scale laundry operations require a chemical dosing system that guarantees accuracy, reliability and versatility, which is why commercial and on-premise laundry managers turn to OPL Advantage from SEKO.

This OPL Advantage Standard-Volume laundry pump system allows users to manage five pumps and up to nine dosing formulas, each with independent run and delay times.

Premium SekoFlex and SekoBril peristaltic pump tubing provides not only precise, consistent dosing but also the outstanding reliability and long life you expect from a SEKO product.


Peristaltic dosing systems Standard Volume

  • Pumps: 5
  • Flow rate: 16 oz/min for washers up < 200 lbs
  • Tubing materials: SekoFlex and SekoBril
  • Power supply: 100 – 240V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 100 W max
  • 6 Input signals: 20 - 230 Vac

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