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ProMax - Button 1 Product A Gap 1 GPM

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  • Available in either 1 or 4 product versions
  • Revolutionary patented hydrodynamic technology sets new industry standards of performance and reliability
  • Modular and flexible for maximum versatility for Kitchens to Laundry, Janitorial services to Commercial Cleaning
  • Efficiently fills small, medium and large containers with accurately diluted ready to use solutions from chemical concentrates
  • Outstanding space for personalized branding or customized communication without costly printing minimums and set up charges
  • ProMax C certified by all the leading European water authorities



  • Flow rate 4 – 30 l/min
  • Modularity for maximum versatility space-saving design
  • Quick, easy, tool free installation
  • Squeeze tubing, equipped with inlet-outlet fittings for fast and safe connections
  • Additional units can be easily added to an existing installation
  • Wall bracket mounting eliminates need to open enclosure during installation for tool-free mounting
  • Accurate dilution rates
  • Tamper-proof housing and activation mechanism
  • 4-product selector valve uses a special seal giving wide ranging chemical compatibility
  • Auto-activating venturi requires no downstream restriction to create back pressure
  • Patented backflow prevention offers effective protection while minimising flow restriction



Promax Button 1 product

  • Backflow: Air-gap
  • Pressure: 15 - 130psi Grey venturi
  • Flow rate: 1 gpm
  • Dilution ratio: 3.13:1 - 417:1 

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