SC-100 Neptune Sample Cooler, Cleanable with Steel Shell and 316 SS Tube

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Neptune SC-100 Cleanable Sample Cooler

The Neptune SC-100 sample cooler is used to cool down hot water samples or steam samples to a temperature that is suitable for testing with conductivity meters and reagent testing methods. 

Sample coolers make it easier to effectively test the water in a boiler or saturated steam line or super heated steam services. 

Sample Cooler Applications:
Hot water sample cooler
Boiler water testing using a sample cooler
Steam line testing using a sample cooler
Saturated steam service testing with a sample cooler

The SC100 Sample Cooler from Neptune is a cleanable sample cooler. The SC-100 has a carbon steel shell with 316 Stainless Steel Coil.
The sample cooler coil is easilly removed for inspection and cleaning.  

Neptune SC-100 Cleanable Sample Cooler

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