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Sherman Double Containment Tanks

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Sherman Double Containment Tank System

Our double containment tank system is ideal for the safe storage and handling of
corrosive or hazardous chemicals. It's important to consider using a double containment
tank verses a single wall tank when safety is a concern. Eventually the chemicals that
contact the tank will oxidize or attack the plastic causing the tank to crack or split open.
When this happens all of the contents of your tank will spill out into the surrounding area
causing damage to equipment or be a hazard to people working around it. If the inner
tank fails on a double containment tank system the contents will spill into the outer tank
and be fully contained. A new inner tank can be ordered should this happen.

Video Review by our President Richard Cannon:

Tank easily accommodates pumps, level sensors and mixer agitators

Tank has two sections

We can add extra accessory connections in a variety of sizes. Call us for a custom quote.

Sherman Double Containment Tanks

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