SP-380P | Tagged Polymer + PTSA Dual Handheld

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The SP-380P is a simple to use handheld fluorometer that offers direct measurement of PTSA and Fluorescent (Tagged) Polymer. Fluorescent Polymer and PTSA are tracer chemicals commonly used in cooling and process water applications. This handheld is a dual-channel fluorometer that measures for both of those vital parameters. It measures for fluorescent polymer at a range of 0–20ppm and PTSA at a range of 0–300ppb. This patent pending technology utilizes cutting-edge optical measurement for both tracer chemicals in one easy to use platform. The SP-380P simultaneously compensates for color & turbidity interference, which is commonly present in real-world waters.

  • Measures & Automatically Compensates for Color & Turbidity Interference
  • Built-In Sample Cell Cleanliness Check Diagnostics
  • No Sample Cuvette Required
  • Pyxis Lab® LOCK-IN Feature Provides Sample Lock when Stabilized
  • Water-Proof, Robust Design
  • No Sample Lid Design Eliminates Shielding from Ambient Light
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Calibration via uPyxis®
  • Easily Cleaned Sample Vial with Pyxis Lab® Handheld Cleaning Solution Kit (SER-02)


SP-380P PTSA + Fluorescent Polymer Handheld
P/N 50402
PTSA 0.0-300.0ppb (500ppb Capable by uPyxis)
Excitation Wavelength 365nm & 410nm LED
Emission Wavelength 410nm &450nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1 nm
Precision 1.0ppb PTSA + 0.1ppm Polymer
Calibration Solution Point 0 / 100 / 200 / 300ppb PTSA + 0 / 10 / 20ppm Polymer
Battery 4 AA alkaline batteries for main module
Typical Battery Life 3200 Readings
Display 320×240 TFT-LCD, Visible under Direct Sunlight
Dimension L170.W80.H45 (mm)
Weight 400g (without battery)
Temperature Range 40–106 ºF (4–41 ºC)
Humidity 85% at 106 ºF (41 ºC)
Environmental IP67, Dustproof & Waterproof
Regulation CE / RoHS

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