ST-500 Combination Cleaning + Calibration Kit


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The PTSA Cleaning and Calibration Kit is a convenient all-in-one bundle that allows users to wirelessly connect to their PTSA sensor and conduct our digital cleaning & calibration procedures, with all the necessary solutions & tools.

The kit includes our latest MA-WB Bluetooth® Adapter, Sensor Cleaning Solution & Tools, and a bottle of PTSA 100ppb Calibration Solution. The MA-WB device quickly connects between the sensor and controller, immediately providing wireless connection via Bluetooth® to and the uPyxis® mobile app.

Once connected, the uPyxis® app offers a Sensor Diagnostics Feature that determines the cleanliness of your sensor. Use this feature to determine whether or not your cleaning has done it’s job!


  • MA-WB Bluetooth® Adapter
  • SER-01 Inline Sensor Cleaning Kit
  • Sensor Cleaning Brush and Cotton Swabs
  • PTSA 100ppb Calibration Solution