ST-590SS Walchem Sensor, Pyxis, Inline Fluorescent, Polymer, SS

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Fluorescent Polymer Inline Sensor

The new ST-590 inline sensor is designed for the direct measurement of “Fluorescent Polymer” with a 410nm excitation and 450nm emission for use in industrial cooling water and process treatment applications. Through significant research and development, Pyxis Lab has developed the ST-590 inline sensor to be used independently or in conjunction with the World-Renowned Pyxis ST-500 inline PTSA sensor. With this unique design the PTSA commonly used in cooling water treatment as a fluorescent tracer will not interfere the ST-590 measurement of the fluorescent polymer

Like the Pyxis ST-500 PTSA inline sensor, the internal algorithms of ST-590 also measure sample turbidity and color offering real-time compensation enabling accurate polymer measurement in highly contaminated waters (ie. <150NTU and 10ppm Fe). The ST-590 offers a combination of 4-20mA as well as RS-485 Modbus output signals in the Pyxis standard 7Pin wiring format. It is Bluetooth enabled for wireless cleanliness diagnostics and calibration when used with MA-WB or the PowerPACK-2 Bluetooth Adapter and the uPyxis APP for Mobile or Desktop devices. The ST-590 is provided with the standard Pyxis ST-001 inline ¾” NPT Tee assembly, 5-foot bulk-head cable and 1.5ft flying lead cables both with 7Pin quick adapter, enabling rapid wiring to any microprocessor controller, PLC or DCS system.




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