ST-730B Inline Turbidity Sensor (0–1,000NTU)

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The ST-730B is an inline turbidimeter designed for a wide range of turbidity monitoring in various applications. Each device is configured with a specific scale for NTU detection, ranging from 1–1,o00NTU. This sensor is more robust and tolerant to fouling, rendering alternative turbidity sensors inferior due to particulate and air bubble challenges. The ST-730B also offers desired resolution and accuracy in high turbidity applications commonly using suspended solid meters.

Typical Applications:

  • Industrial Process Water
  • Fresh, Brackish, Sea Water
  • Cooling Water
  • Raw, Influent Water
  • Wastewater Effluent
  • Surface Water
  • Storm Water


  • InfraRed LED Light Source with 90º Scattering
  • Accurate Readings in Complex Flow Systems
  • Compact Design with Small Footprint
  • Integrated 4–20mA + RS-485 Modbus Outputs
  • Bluetooth® Enabled when used with the MA-WB or PowerPACK Bluetooth® Adapters
  • Wireless Diagnostics & Calibration via uPyxis® Mobile or Desktop App


Item ST-730B
Part Number 53202
Range 0-1,000NTU
Resolution 1NTU
Accuracy ±2% of Reading
Method Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU)
Light Source White LED <100
InfraRed LED <100
Power Supply 22-26VDC, Power Consumption – 1W
Outputs Isolated 4-20mA Analog
Isolated RS-485 Modbus Digital
Dimension 6.8in (172.7mm) L, 1.44in (36.6mm) D
Weight 170g (0.37lbs)
Installation ST-001 Inline Tee with 3/4in FNPT with Union Socket & Thread Adapters
Material UPVC
Pressure 100psi (6.9Bar)
Temperature Operation: 40-120 °F (4-49 °C)
Storage: 20-150 °F (-6-66 °C)
Cable Length 1.5m 7-Pin Bulkhead with Adapter
1.5m 7-Pin Flying Lead with Adapter
Calibration Two Point Calibration against Formazin Standard Solutions
Rating IP66
Regulation CE / RoHS
Compliance US-EPA <100
ISO >100

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