T-CAL-737 Walchem Calibration Kit, Solid State, Pyxis, for LT-737

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Solid State Turbidity Calibration Kits

Pyxis Lab has developed reusable solid-state turbidity calibration kits for rapid calibration of the Pyxis LT-73X Series inline ultra-low turbidity sensors. The LT-73X Series ultra-low turbidity sensors are factory calibrated on Formazin liquid standards. The T-CAL calibration kits represent an alternative to Formazin calibration for routine field calibration only.

To calibrate a LT-73X series inline sensor using Formazin, a large quantity of calibration solution must be added to the FR-100 flow reservoir. Perhaps, the most challenging aspect of calibrating an inline sensor is that zero-NTU water is extremely difficult to be prepared outside of a laboratory environment and may be very easily contaminated by particulate or air bubbles. The Pyxis solid-state calibration kits provide a consistent and reproducible method to calibrate Pyxis inline LT-73X series turbidity sensors, overcoming the challenges associated with the liquid standard calibration.



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