Twist II Clean Inline Filters 2" T2C-200 with Sun Shield

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TWISTIICLEAN Inline Filters  

The Twist II Clean series represents a significant breakthrough in solid filtration. The patented filter technology allows for five second cleaning without disassembling. These products are specifically designed to prevent equipment and system damage from suspended solids and sediments in a water system and are required for injector warranties.  At half the price of automatic black flushing systems, these filters are the most cost-effective manual back flush system available. 

Plus, there are no expensive cartridges to replace.  


  • Easy to install and easy to use, just twist it to clean it.
  • 0-150 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 100 PSI at 73F
  • Maximum Temperature: 32F to 120F
  • 4 Bolt Flange Connection
  • No leaks or watery messes made by other cleaners.
  • Patented self cleaning action.
  • No need to depressurize whole system to clean.
  • Easy to replace mesh filter cartridges available in many sizes.

NOTE: This filter ships with a manually operated ball valve that should be installed on the drain port and used to isolate the filter in-between maintenance cycles.  


Don't forget to add the Flange Adapter Kit with Bolts and Gaskets to your order. See it here!


2" PVC Flange Adaptor Kit Sold Separately. 

Application Photos 

Location Italy: Irrigation Drip Tape Filtration

Review: I prepared this in-line battery filter for a irrigation drip tape dealer. This dealer sells a lot of tape for crop irrigation (seasonal installation). Many farmers have small fields and use portable pumps and need portable filters to move everyday to different fields.This system is light to move, it is on a plastic pallet and the structure is aluminum, so we do not have a corrosion problem with the water, mud, and fertilizers. Easy to clean, and we do not need to stop the pump for cleaning. With traditional filters you have to stop the pump to clean because if the water is stopped then there is no water to clean the filters!  (The system in this picture can be used up to 330 gpm flow rate, but higher flow rates can be reached by using more filters).

Location Nevada: Process Water for PVC Extrusion Line

Review: We have installed two of the Twist II Clean 2" Lakos filters in parallel for process water in a PVC extrusion line calibration tank. These filters enable us to clean each filter about twice a day while on the fly and not losing any production time. These are just what we needed to keep the sprayers, tube, and shell heat exchangers clean with no down time. They both have been installed and cleaning for about a year and not a lick of problems. I would highly recommend these filters in a similar application or for that matter, any application.

See how TWISTIICLEAN works in this video.

The O-Rings must be lubricated before installing using an approved lubricant to prevent damage to the filter element. 
DOW Corning 111 "MOLYKOTE" is recommended

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