Vita-D-Chlor Neutral, Granular Pail, 12 kg, 26 lbs

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Vita-D-Chlor Neutral remains pH neutral at all concentrations, making it an excellent choice for use with super-chlorinated water. This product is safe to handle, even in accidental over-dechlorination situations. Solubility of 50% in the field makes it incredibly easy to mix and particularly useful for lengthier flows. Solutions over 5% have good stability over multiple weeks.
Like our original Vita-D-Chlor, Vita-D-Chlor Neutral immediately and completely neutralizes both chlorine and chloramines without impacting dissolved oxygen levels. It is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional sulfite-based chemicals and is NSF certified to Standard 60.
Best-suited for field dechlorination applications.


  • Active ingredient – Sodium ascorbate
  • Highly soluble for concentrations up to 50% (four pounds per gallon)
  • Rapidly neutralizes both chlorine and chloramines
  • All concentrations are pH neutral around pH 7.0, plus or minus 1 pH point
  • NSF certified to Standard 60
  • 100% organic

For water containing 1 ppm chlorine:

  • 1 pound neutralizes 45,000 gallons
  • 22 pounds neutralizes 1 million gallons
  • 1 gram neutralizes 100 gallons

As a handy reference, 1 cup of Vita-D-Chlor Neutral is approximately 220 grams or ½ pound


  • Vita-D-Chlor Neutral is for neutralizing chlorine and chloramines in treated potable water
  • Safe to use in applications where pH is of great concern to the environment
  • Excellent choice for situations where higher concentrations of dechlorination solutions are needed
  • Commonly used for hydrant flushing, water main installations and maintenance, reservoir and tank draining
  • Perfect for dechlorination with a venturi or metering pump
  • Suitable for use with the Romac Transmate deChlorinator
  • Also works with the H2O Neutralizer, Bazooka liquid feed device, Mazzei Pipeline Dechlorinator, Baker Chemical Injector, Five Star Multidirectional Hydrant Diffuser, custom drip setup, metering pump

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