High Pressure Funnel Style Bypass Feeder

Chemical bypass feeders play a key role in any water treatment program. They are used to feed a precise volume of chemicals into hot as well as cold and other liquid streams. Bypass feeders are also called chemical pot feeders because they are piped into a secondary line, which runs parallel to the main fluid circulation line. These feeders offer a reliable way of adding water chemicals into closed loop systems for corrosion and microbial control. Chemical bypass feeders come in different types and specifications. High pressure funnel style bypass feeders are popular amongst them. Today, you will find many industry brands offering high pressure funnel style bypass feeders. But, not all may assure about the quality of the product being premium. However, this is an important aspect because the chemical control program will not meet its objectives if a quality feeder is not used. This will lead to an increase in the operating cost. Being one of the prominent suppliers of water treatment tools, equipment, and chemicals.

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Cannon Water Technology provides unmatched quality high pressure funnel style bypass feeders for water treatment in commercial as well as industrial applications. We team up with top-notch industry brands such as Vector Industries, GTP, Neptune, and more, to offer the best type to meet your application requirement. 

Beneficial Features of High Pressure Funnel Style Bypass Feeders

Our high pressure funnel style bypass feeders for water treatment stand out owing to their following beneficial features:

  • Our high pressure funnel style bypass feeders are made using high-quality carbon steel, 304SS, or 316 stainless steel. The properties of these steel materials make them rugged and durable for several challenging environments.
  • Our high pressure funnel feeders feature a quick closure lid with a Fleck style cap to ensure safety. Optionally, this equipment also has buttressed threaded caps for high pressure systems.
  • These feeders are extremely safe to use with high pressure and temperature ranges. Also, they help prevent fluid transmission systems from corrosion when appropriate chemistry is applied.
  • Equipped with adjustable leg stands, they are easy to install and can adapt to any fluid transmission system.
  • These feeders come with a powder coated finish or epoxy coating that withstand harsh chemicals.  
  • Our chemical feeders are certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
  • They come in 2,5, and 10-gallon sizes.
  • They are proven solutions for water treatment programs and economical as well. Thus, they have been in use for several years now.

Industrial Applications of High Pressure Funnel Style Bypass Feeders

High pressure funnel style bypass feeders have gained immense traction in the water treatment segment across industries. They find application in industries demanding fluid transfer at a specific pressure, speed, and temperature. Here are some of the common application areas:

Are you looking for quality, performance-driven high pressure funnel style bypass feeders? If yes, then you are at the right place. Cannon Water Technology is a one-stop solution for water and wastewater treatment equipment. We strive to keep our irrevocable promise of serving you with the best quality products at the most competitive prices. High pressure funnel style bypass feeders are one of our bestselling products. We guarantee that our product will meet the requirements of your commercial or industrial applications. For any queries or concerns regarding our chemical feeders or any other product, please feel free to contact us via phone or email. Our support team will assist you in the selection process. Stay tuned to know more about our upcoming products and events.