Corrosion Coupon Racks

Corrosion Coupon Racks

Corrosion is one of the important concerns across the world because it can affect water quality as well as damage the water carrying and purification equipment. To avoid this, different water monitoring techniques are used. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide corrosion monitoring coupon racks for corrosion monitoring in cooling water systems. Designed and developed by Cannon Water, these corrosion racks have been utilized for maximizing the value of aging water assets and minimizing the effects of corrosion.

What is Corrosion Monitoring and What Are Its Objectives?

Corrosion monitoring is a process performed to identify, access, and analyze the corrosion behavior of a system. Any corrosion monitoring is performed with two main objectives:

  • To understand the operational condition of the equipment
  • To understand the effect of different variables such as temperature, pH, water quality, and chemical treatment on different water systems

Using the right corrosion monitoring system enables users to meet these objectives, as well as achieve the following results:

  • Identify the corrosion-related problems at different parts of the equipment and mitigate them effectively.
  • Improve the life span of equipment, its components, structures, and process units.
  • Minimize operating costs of the plant.
  • Predict the maintenance needs of the equipment and design an effective maintenance program.

What Are Corrosion Coupon Racks and Corrosion Coupons?

The corrosion coupons are standard pre-weighed metal strips that are mounted on coupon racks. The coupon racks comprise several pipes and they are mainly used to estimate the metal corrosion rate of water systems like coolers. The coupons are weighed and exposed to water. Their weight is checked at regular intervals such as 60, 90, and 120 days to identify the rate of corrosion. They are available in various materials. At Cannon Water, we provide various types of coupons. You can choose between copper corrosion coupon, brass corrosion coupon, and carbon steel coupons.

Features of Corrosion Racks Provided by Cannon Water

The following features of corrosion coupon racks have contributed to their popularity with our clients.

  • We provide standard coupon racks, which can be customized with one to six corrosion coupon holders. They come with inlet/outlet isolation valves.
  • They can be equipped with PVC, CPVC, carbon steel, and stainless steel pipes of 3/4", and 1" diameter.
    • The PVC pipes are suited for most applications.
    • CPVC pipes are suited for applications that require moderately high temperatures.
    • Carbon steel and stainless steel pipes are ideal for applications where they would be exposed to high temperatures.
  • The rack features a durable mounting frame and stainless steel safety chains that can hold the coupons in place.
  • Our coupon racks are easy to install and feature quick-connect sample points.
  • The racks can be customized with various optional features such as flow meters, Y-strainers, flow control valves, sample valves, and so on. The prices may vary depending on the customization.

Special Tips to Improve the Performance of Corrosion Racks

Corrosion coupon racks offer results based on different variables. Thus, it is important to install the rack such that it produces the most accurate results. The following pointers will be helpful in this case.

  • Avoid touching the coupons with bare hands as any chemical or oil present on your palms may accelerate corrosion and alter the results.
  • Ensure to maintain the flow of the rack at 3-5 feet per second. This is because flow rates below 3 will make the particulates rest on the coupons and the ones above it may erode metals like brass and copper.
  • Arrange the coupons on the rack such that less noble materials such as carbon steel are mounted upstream followed by noble materials of higher-order like copper towards the downstream. This helps prevent copper ions from plating on the iron coupons and accelerating artificial corrosion rates.
  • Avoid touching the coupons when they are in use and do not attempt to remove them until the testing period ends. This is because exposure to air may accelerate their corrosion rate.

If you have been facing the problem of corrosion in your aging cooling tower or water systems, then this coupon rack is the best option. Are you facing any other water treatment problems? Being at the forefront of water treatment and wastewater treatment technologies for a long time, we understand what solution works best for any situation. Feel free to discuss your water treatment requirements with our experts. We would be happy to help you.