Ultrasonic Flow Meters

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Ultrasonic flow meters are an integral part of several processing units across industries. They are mechanical instruments that can measure the flow of liquids by sending ultrasonic waves across systems. The flow rate can be determined by combining the ultrasonic waves and the velocity of liquids or gases. These flow meters work well for fluids that feature minute particles or bubbles. However, when used in distilled or drinking water, they may not provide an appropriate result.

Being a highly experienced, trustworthy, and reliable manufacturer and supplier of water treatment systems, Cannon Water Technology offers high-quality ultrasonic water flow meters from top brands, such as Blue-White among others. Our ultrasonic flow meters have been used to measure the liquid velocity of fluids like molten sulfur, cryogenic liquids, chemicals, and so on.

Function of Ultrasonic Flow Meters

An ultrasonic flow sensor uses sounds to measure the velocity of fluid flowing through the systems. This can be done in two ways – transmit travel time or Doppler technology. The difference between these two techniques is how directional measurement is obtained. The first technique sends the signals crosswise to the flow, and measurements can be taken from both directions. Signals are projected along the fluid flow path in the Doppler method. In this method, the return signal is measured. The operations of these meters rest on the concept that the velocity of ultrasonic wave pulses changes with the change in the fluid flow rate. 

Beneficial features of Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Our ultrasonic flow meters are the popular and simplified flow measurement solution across applications. They stand out owing to their following beneficial features. So, let’s have a look at them.

  • Our ultrasonic flow meters are proven to assure the highest precision and reliability across a wide range of applications. Their measurements are repeatable and accurate, even in extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions.
  • These flow meters comprise motionless parts, eliminating the need to repair or replace them..
  • Since they are non-invasive, there is no concern for wear from abrasions or corrosive substances. This ensures long service life.
  • With a rugged design, they can withstand high temperatures and pressures, electrical conductivity, and harsh industrial environments.
  • Our ultrasonic flow meters can be removed and repositioned depending on the need of the application. Unlike other flow meters that are permanently installed and require much effort to replace or repair, ultrasonic flow meters can be installed temporarily or permanently when needed.
  • Regardless of their installation, these meters will not block the flow of fluids. They never come in contact with the material as they don’t have any moving parts. This ensures safe and sanitary measurements.
  • Our ultrasonic flow meters can measure the flow of non-conductive liquids or gases, which is the limitation of magnetic meters. This is why they are widely used across industries such as transportation, oil and gas production, refining, and more.
  • We have teamed up with reliable brands from the industry. Thus, you can rely upon us for product quality. We also manufacture a few of our products at our well-equipped facility.
  • We offer competitive pricing on most of our products.
  • We guarantee fast shipping across the United States and Canada. We also have a same-day shipping option for many products listed on the website.

Tips for Choosing an Appropriate Ultrasonic Flow Meter 

Selecting the right ultrasonic flow meter demands in-depth understanding of the application. Aside from this, you need to consider several other pointers when specifying these meters. The following list describes some important ones.

  • Flow Rate Range: This is important to consider when choosing ultrasonic flow meters. The flow rate range of liquid is the amount of fluid that passes through the system within a specified time. 
  • Operating Pressure: It is essential to check the operating pressure of fluids to get precise results. It is the maximum pressure of the process the flow meter can withstand.
  • Operating Environment: The working environment can be standard or hazardous based on the industry type. Thus, you must check the application's operating environment before selecting the flow meter. Also, make sure that the parts of these meters are engineered using high-quality metals to withstand corrosive environments. 
  • Measurement Accuracy: Many industrial applications demand precise flow readings. For instance, most processing units in the chemical industry require high accuracy, and in such cases ultrasonic flow meters are the best choice. 
  • Location and Configuration: The location is a major consideration for these meters. Will these meters be installed indoors or outdoors? The size of these meters is important based on the area available. Many ultrasonic meters require extra pipe length for proper functioning. Therefore, make sure to keep extra lengths on both sides of the meter. 

Applications of Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Our ultrasonic water flow meters have gained immense traction owing to their above mentioned features. Over the years, they have been used across applications. The following are the most significant ones.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for us. At Cannon Water, we understand the value of your applications. We know the importance of precision when it comes to flow readings. Thus, we guarantee to deliver performance-driven and quality ultrasonic flow measurement meters. These meters fulfill the demand of your industrial as well as commercial applications. We have a team of experts that works closely with our clients. They assist you throughout the process, from the enquiry stage to installation. They also help you in case of any technical or pricing-related questions.