Plastic Water Meter, Contacting Head, 3/4" with reed switch sensor, pulse output (Low Lead Compliance)

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Stenner Plastic Body Water Meter for Low Lead compliance or a Lighter Option. NSF/ANSI-372 (low lead) certified. 3/4" Dimensions (7.5" x 11.5" x 1" x 3/4")
For each gallon of water that passes through the water meter a single pulse will be delivered to your controller or pump control module. By doing this you effectively create a proportional feed system that paces your pump with the increase in water flow.
Each meter is shipped with unions and tail pieces.
We Stock these so there is never a wait.
Stenner Plastic 3/4" Water Meter with pulse output, 1 or 2 pulse per gallon, NSF/ANSI-372 (low lead)

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