Lakos LGS Series

Lakos LGS Series

Groundwater can be used for drinking directly or after purification. However, the quality of groundwater is deteriorating year by year and it is hard to find pure water in many sources. It contains a lot of impurities like sand, silt, mud and soil particles. The removal of these impurities is an important step to guarantee safe supply of water for several purposes. Groundwater sand separators are widely used to achieve this purpose. They are simple, proven, and effective solution used in the field of groundwater remediation for decades to treat contaminated water with high content of fine particles. These units can also be utilized to improve the quality of water sources used for irrigation or other purposes. Although sand separators are manufactured by many companies worldwide, we at Cannon Water Technologies source the units only from leading names in the marketplace like Lakos. We carry an extensive inventory of their products, including the most sought-after LGS groundwater sand separators that have been proved their reliability and efficiency under harsh working conditions.

How Does LGS Groundwater Sand Separator Work?

The design of a sand separator varies with its purpose and application, but most devices have three main components: an inlet pipe, a settling chamber and an outlet pipe. It is a simple device that operates on the principle of centrifugal force to separate sand, or other solid particles from water. These machines are equipped with a rotating drum with centrifugal force that flushes out the solid particles. The unit also has an automatic control system which allows the operator to set the required water quality for treating different types of effluents.

Features of LAKOS Sand Separators

Our range of Lakos LGS sand separators are an efficient machine for groundwater purification. Featuring simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, the device is largely opted across several industries.  The wide popularity of these groundwater sand separators in the market is also due to its compact size, high performance and low price. The machine also features:

  • Groundwater sand separators from Lakos require less maintenance compared to other similar products available in the market as there are fewer moving parts involved in its design.
  • They guarantee hassle-free usage as there are no screens, discs, or fill media to replace or maintain.
  • LGS groundwater sand separator assures premium filtration up to efficacious removal of 99% of sand and slit.
  • They are independently tested by a 3rd party, adding to their reliability when used in harsh conditions.
  • The units are recognized for their ability to remove suspended solids without clogging.
  • They are equipped with automated periodic purge that helps removes captured debris on regular intervals.
  • They are known for their extremely minimal pressure loss as low as 3 psid.
  • Lakos sand separators are manufactured from time-tested materials, which in turn guarantee long life up to 25 years.

Applications of Lakos LGS Sand Separators

There are many applications for groundwater sand separator. The device is often used in conjunction with other filtration systems to achieve optimum results. At Cannon Water Technologies, Lakos sand separators are widely chosen to treat industrial wastewater, sewage sludge, urban drainage and other industrial effluents. They are also put to operation for well cleaning, sediment removal, sludge dewatering and desand water for storage or distribution purposes. The following are the several industries that largely benefit from Lakos LGS groundwater sand separators.

  • Subway stations
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Mining
  • Papermaking
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agriculture

Groundwater is a precious resource, and the quality of water directly impacts the health of humans and animals. Hence, our sand separators are designed for domestic use and commercial installations alike. All the models offered under the category of sand separators are known for their high durability and ability to treat water effectively.

We have an excellent reputation for customer service and support and we always respond to questions from potential customers quickly. If you want to buy our product, please contact us directly and our expert personnel provide you all support to source the right model. At Cannon Water Technologies, you can be assured with getting only the high-quality product at the best price.