Pulsafeeder Controllers

Controllers are used in industrial applications to remotely control the performance of various devices. Pulsafeeder controllers developed by Pulsafeeder are one of the most popular controllers on the market, which are used for controlling the outputs of various water treatment equipment. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide different models of Pulsafeeder controllers and their accessories for efficient water treatments.

These controllers are designed for remote control of applications such as boilers, cooling towers, and programmable timer controls. Pulsafeeder controllers and accessories listed on this page are available for immediate shipment. We assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry, which makes us popular with water and wastewater treatment and various process industries.

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Features of Our Pulsafeeder Controllers

Pulsafeeder controllers have simplified the efforts of water treatment specialists. The designs of these controllers have been perfected over years of research. The following features of these controllers have contributed to their easy acceptance in water treatment industries.

  • Pulsafeeder controllers feature a graphic display that shows accurate readings and other important outputs.
  • It features factory calibrated and maintenance-free toroidal probe for conductivity control. The probe does not require frequent calibrations, which saves extra expenditure and unwanted downtime for customers.
  • The toroidal probe is not susceptible to sensor fouling, which eliminates cleaning downtime and errors in conductivity readings.
  • Our Pulsafeeder MicroVision and other controllers are easy to install and possess very simple programming with standard 4-20mA output.
  • MicroVision is a cooling tower conductivity controller which features dry alarm contact, one inhibitor timer, three timers, dual biocide timers, etc., for advanced water treatments.
  • The controller is also designed for bleed control in cooling towers.
  • MicroVision and other Pulsafeeder controllers utilize PULSA link cloud-based communication protocol, which assures the highest security. 

At Cannon Water Technology, we ensure to deliver you the best quality equipment for various water and wastewater applications. We provide various water treatment products, including metering pumps, controllers, and so on. All our products are carefully chosen from trusted brands like Pulsafeeder to meet your specific water treatment requirements. In case you come across any queries regarding Pulsafeeder controllers or any other water treatment product, please feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be happy to assist you.