Water analysis is a crucial task for any industry because industrial applications require water free from contaminants. Also, many industrial processes release contaminated water as a byproduct, which cannot be released into the environment or reused without treatment and purification. Therefore, it is common for industrial units to set up water treatment plants so that they can be treated before being reused or discharged into the environment.

The task is performed using water treatment controllers as they have the ability to determine whether the water is contaminant-free or needs to be treated before proceeding with the application. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide high-quality water treatment controllers manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers, Sensorex. 

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  • SensoPRO Toroidal Conductivity Control and Monitoring System SensoPRO Toroidal Conductivity Control and Monitoring System


    SensoPRO Toroidal Conductivity Control and Monitoring System

    $1,750.00 - $1,849.00
    The SensoPRO Toroidal Conductivity Monitoring System delivers reliable conductivity monitoring with toroidal (inductive) sensor technology. The NEW EX2000RS toroidal conductivity transmitter has one 4-20 mA output, an RS-485 serial...
    $1,750.00 - $1,849.00

Sensorex Water Treatment Controllers Offered by Cannon Water

We offer Sensorex toroidal sensors and conductivity control and monitoring systems, among many other products for water treatment and control. 

  • Toroidal Sensors: These sensors can withstand high temperatures up to around 105 degrees Celsius and a wide range of solvents. These rugged devices can measure TDS and conductivity using inductive measurement technology.
  • Toroidal Conductivity Control and Monitoring Systems: This is a rugged system for harsh environments and is widely used in applications such as cooling towers, brine concentration measurement, and more. It is a digital system that uses toroidal (inductive) sensor technology. It comes with an RS-485 serial interface for use with Modbus RTU or ASCII and displays output for a variety of parameters such as TDS, conductivity, percent concentration, and salinity.

Measuring Physical Properties in Water Analysis

Measuring the following physical properties in water analysis is an essential step to determine the contaminant concentration and reach the desired EPA level.

  • pH: The pH of water is a basic essential measurement factor to know its hydrogen ion concentration. A neutral pH is always preferred, while most industrial water samples may be acidic or alkaline as they are loaded with chemicals. A pH value above 7.0 is alkaline, and a value below 7.0 is considered to be acidic. The normal pH range of clean water should be between 6.5 to 7.5, as 7 is considered neutral.
  • Alkalinity: Alkalinity is the pH reading that shows the acidification resistance of water. Although alkaline water is better than being too acidic but highly alkaline water can be dangerous for the environment and needs to be treated accordingly.
  • Conductivity: The conductivity measurement refers to the ability of water to conduct electric current. Conductivity level increases with the increasing number of free conducting ions, which are relatively less in pure water. Here, the conductivity sensor helps in determining the water contaminants through electric current. The conductivity of water is measured in micro-Siemens per centimeter.
  • Turbidity: Turbidity makes the water appear cloudy and turbid, which means it lacks clarity. This happens due to the increased density of particulate matter and contaminants.

Measuring Organic Properties in Water Analysis

  • Biological Oxygen Demand: Biological oxygen demand (BOD) is an essential parameter for measuring water quality. The bacteria present in water use dissolved oxygen to break down the organic matter in water. BOD determines the amount of oxygen needed to break down the organic matter in the water in a particular time interval and at a specific temperature.
  • Dissolved Oxygen: As the name suggests, dissolved oxygen is the dissolved oxygen (DO) present in water which is available for aquatic creatures to breathe. This is a crucial indicator of water quality as this can decrease with increasing amounts of algae and other organisms that consume it. It is lowest in the bottom layers of a water body and may fluctuate with the season, temperature, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Treatment Controllers

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding our water treatment controllers answered by our experts:

  • How does a toroidal conductivity sensor work in water?

The toroidal conductivity sensor induces an ionic current in the water that helps in monitoring the electric conductivity of water. Along with the conductivity, these sensors also display TDS and salinity, among other parameters.

  • What is a conductivity probe?

A conductivity probe is an instrument that determines the ionic content present in water.

  • Do you give any warranty on these controllers?

Yes. Our water treatment controllers are backed with a 1-year warranty.

  • Do the sensors of these controllers require a lot of maintenance?

The sensors require minimal maintenance and have a long operational life, and are designed to work in harsh environments with dense and turbid water. Also, it does not require much cleaning.

  • Is the equipment corrosion-resistant?

Yes. Along with corrosion, the equipment is resistant to other polarization effects like coating and fouling.

At Cannon Water Technology, we strive to serve you with the best quality equipment for treating wastewater. We ensure to deliver you the products that will lead your business standards. Our Sensorex water treatment controllers are designed for monitoring total dissolved solids (TDS) and conductivity, among other parameters. Sensorex is one of the best and leading manufacturers of water treatment controllers, different meters, sensors, and so on, and we are proud to be associated with them. In case you have any questions regarding any of these Sensorex products, please feel free to reach us via phone or email. Our customer support team will be happy to assist you.