Walchem Controllers

Walchem Controllers

Chemical metering pumps, cooling and boiling towers, and valves are often used with controllers to maintain their desired values. Walchem Controllers, designed by Walchem Iwaki America, Inc., offers a broad range of flexible, powerful, and reliable controls for all your water treatment programs. At Cannon Water Technology, we stock various Walchem controllers for cooling towers and boilers. These water treatment controllers have been chosen based on their popularity.

Features of Walchem Controllers

Walchem controllers are used for a broad range of water treatment applications. Equipped with powerful programming features, these controllers have set performance standards. The following features of these controllers make them popular with our industrial clients.

  • The controllers are equipped with a large touchscreen display, and their icon-based programming makes setup easy.
  • There is a universal sensor, which adds to the flexibility of this device. The same type of controller can be used with any kind of sensor.
  • A combination of analog input board and sensor input adds to the flexibility of these water treatment controllers.
  • These controllers feature analytical sensors, designed for ORP, pH, disinfection, conductivity, flow meter input, and fluorescence.
  • The device is offered with a multiple language support option, enabling easy setup in various environments.
  • Walchem controllers are provided with an economic wall-mount package, which ensures easy installation.
  • There is an Ethernet option, which makes these controllers accessible via LAN, Internet, or Modbus/TCP.
  • Emailing alarm messages, graphs, data logs, or system summary reports are other features, which make these devices user-friendly.
  • Walchem controllers assure complete flexibility with each relay’s function.

When used for general conductivity, ORP, pH, and disinfection applications, they assure flexibility with the following features

  • On/off Setpoint
  • Proportional control ( this is offered with pulse solid-state opto relays or 4-20 mA output)
  • In-range or out-of-range activation
  • PID control ( this is offered with pulse solid-state opto relays or 4-20 mA output )
  • Time-based activation
  • Probe wash
  • Activation based on the state of closure
  • Timed activation triggered by accumulated the total flow of paddlewheel flow meter or water contactor
  • Activation with another output
  • Activation as the on-time of another output
  • Spike set point
  • Alarm

When used for boiler or cooling tower applications, they assure flexibility with the following features  

  • Biocide timer with pre-bleed and post-feed bleed lockout options
  • Bleed time proportional to makeup water volume
  • Bleed on conductivity
  • Boiler blowdown on conductivity using intermittent sampling
  • Feed time proportional to makeup water volume
  • Feed in proportion to bleed time
  • Feed as a percent of elapsed time

Quality water and wastewater treatment is a necessity than a requirement. This can be achieved only if you have access to high-quality treatment solutions. This realization has helped us include only branded products in our inventory. We also try to include our own products, which are perfected over years of research. Feel free to contact us today for any queries on Walchem water treatment controllers or other water and wastewater treatment solutions. Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through the selection.