Eno Scientific Well Watch 660 Level Sensor

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Discontinued see Well Watch 670

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The Eno Scientific Well Watch 660 measures the water level in a well water system by use of sonic technology. This system can detect the water level in a well and track the results over time. This is especially important during a drought or when your well is not producing as much water as it used to. The Well Watch 660 replaces traditional well level systems like pressure transducers, water tape and bubblers. This non contact level sensor sits on top of your well and sends sound waves down the bore to measure the bore hole water level. This well level detector is easy to install.

The Well Watch 660 Series is a line of sonic water level meters designed for semi-permanent installation. These units utilize sound waves and adaptive sensor technology to learn the makeup of a particular well allowing for the most accurate readings. The Well Watch meters were designed to be a solution for the long term monitoring needs of residential, environmental or production well operators.

The Well Watch 660 includes a built-in display with keypad which allows the user to view real time data and to easily control the internal settings.  This is great for monitoring remote wells or as a back up in case of a SCADA system crash.

The optional remote display is compatible with any of the Well Watch models and can be mounted at a separate location, making it easy for the homeowner who wants to monitor their well levels and activity from inside their home. The display can be mounted wirelessly up to 300ft or through RS485 up to 3000ft away.

These units are easy to install in virtually any well setup. Each Well Watch unit comes with 3 MPT threaded nozzles, 1/2", 3/4" and 1" in diameter. Simply choose the nozzle which fits into the vent hole on your well seal and screw the Well Watch tightly in place. Attachments can be used to angle the units for tight fitting spaces since the Well Watch does not need to be vertical to get a good reading. Then, choose from the multiple output options available to work with your application, including RS232, RS485 (Modbus), 4-20mA, 0-5V Analog, and USB (Well Watch 660 DL only). The Well Watch 600 series comes in a variety of options which are interchangeable to best fit the user's application.

Well Watch 660 kit includes the Well Watch meter, 3 threaded nozzles (1/2", 3/4", 1"), A/C power adapter, USB cable, 8" microphone extension tube and a quick start guide.

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