191717-20 Walchem Flow switch manifold, contacting conductivity + Little Dipper 2

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The Walchem 191717-20 is a specific repair part designed for the Chemical Metering Pump.

Flow Switch Manifold: The repair part includes a flow switch manifold. This manifold is equipped with contacting conductivity, which allows for accurate monitoring and control of fluid flow.

Compatibility: The flow switch manifold is specifically designed for use with the Little Dipper 2 model. It is important to ensure compatibility with the specific pump model for proper functioning.

Maximum Pressure: The flow switch manifold has a maximum pressure rating of 100 psi. This indicates the maximum operating pressure that it can handle effectively.

Cable Length: The flow switch manifold comes with a 20 ft. cable. This length allows for flexibility in installation and connection to the appropriate control system.

Application: The Walchem 191717-20 repair part is primarily used in chemical metering applications, where accurate fluid flow control and monitoring are crucial.

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